Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My week off starts today.

   Usually I would be working tonight, but because of the holiday I am off and glad of it.  My back hurts and I am tired.  I had weird disturbing dreams and feel upset.  I hate weird dreams, they can haunt you if they were very disturbing and mine were.

   We are going to my MIL for supper.  Good news is I don't have to cook, hate cooking most of the time but we are bring a pie.  Guess how happy I am to be spending my day off  with my Beloved BIL,  Ha.  Rick has more relatives in town so more visiting.  My MIL and I will sit there and listen, her because she is ill and tired...too tired to talk, me because I am tired and too tired to talk.  Fortunately Rick can talk enough for the both of us.  Boy can that man talk.

   It is not as hot today as it has been.  What a blessing.  Fickle me, I am so cold, I am soooo hot.  Well shut me up!

       Zoey has been coughing lately.  What does it mean,  Does it mean anything.  Did she cough ever before she got this cancer.  I can't remember as I probably dismissed it or didn't think about it.  Now I can't help it.  She sits here as I type with her beautiful head resting on my leg and her warm brown eyes looking up at me.  Why can't I remember if she coughed before the cancer?  She had better be fine....she had just better be.

   Well I had better go and get ready.  Try to be a personable person.  His relative always seem to see me on this day, my first day off when I have only had 4 hours of sleep.  They must think me such a dud.



jckfrstross said...

enjoy your day:)


madcobug said...

Your Zinnias and the butterflies are so pretty. That is a great picture of you. Two of our dogs started coughing and we took them to the vet. They had congestive heart failure and were put on lasic (spelling?) When the heart skipped a beat it caused the blood to backup and caused them to cough. Might need to have her checked out to be on the safe side. I hope she will be ok. Enjoy the meal at you MIL. Poor thing probably does feel to tired to have company. I know how that can make them so tired. Helen

kirkbyj05 said...

I hope Zoey will be o.k.  If its not what the previous writer said it was perhaps it could be kennel cough?   She's been to the vets recently...hasn't she?
And I hope that your mother-in-law gets to nod off when she feels like it.  Visitors can be so tiring!  Even if they mean well.   Jeanie

radar446 said...

I know what you mean about everyone thinking you are a dud on your first day off.  I used to have that problem when I worked night shift.  Jennifer would always make plans for my first day off when I would have maybe 2 hours of sleep to get back on a regular schedule.  I was a step above zombie, I'm sure.


rdautumnsage said...

Your definitely not a dud! If they can't see that even with you being tired, it's their loss. Keeping Zoey and your MIL in my prayers on the smoke hon! (Hugs) Indigo