Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bike ride

     Yesterday we got a nice bike ride in.  Check out my link to the bike journal.  It was short, only 7.6 miles,but a perfect day for it.  Cool, light breeze.  Wonderful.

    I got up early yesterday and made my cake.  It looked so pretty and was a real hit at the dinner. My MIL enjoyed her company.

    She is starting to get jaundiced looking, which means yellow.  It happens with this type of cancer.  She hadn't been, this just started. 

   Our relatives were shocked to see how much thinner she was they last month when they were here.  One of Ricks uncles came who is going to be 92 in 2 weeks, on the 4th of July.  I made the flag cake with him in mind and he loved.  So weird to see all these relatives so elderly.  I remember when I first got married to Rick.  He had so many relatives it intimidated me and this uncle had the biggest booming voice.  Now from an old stroke he barely speaks above a whisper.  Old age isn't always kind.

    The house was a mess again.  I started washing up and my MIL said, It's hopeless, they started messing it up again the second you left.  I told her to start getting on them about picking up after themselves.  After all, they are old enough to clean up after themselves. 

    My BIL made spagetti but we didn't eat any as we got there late because of the ride, Grin,   We were just in time to deliver the dessert.

    Well, got to go, I have another ride to get ready for.  We are going for the 27 mile ride today.  Not sure if I am ready for that but it is suppose to be cool.  Wish me luck.


inquestoftruth said...

You take the prettiest flower pics....of course, all of yours are good.    I think I would have passed on the spaghetti, too....and I like spaghetti!  lol
Good luck on the ride....

kirkbyj05 said...

Spaghetti is my favourite!   But......another time...yes?
Super duper photos of your surfinias!  Looking at them like this is like lying low in the grass on a hot summer's day and watching the world from that perspective.  Magical!   I hope you don't come back with anything other than lots of pretty pictures of your bike journey.  No more aches and pains for Julie now that you have broken you bike in with a 'short' ride yesterday.  
And poor Betty!  What a life having this lazy man around her.  I hope she is still happy in his company?  I know shw longed to see him for quite a long time prior to her illness.  God Bless her.   Jeanie    xx

maryajacobs5 said...

Something odd is happening here, not sure if it is me or the way your blogs and comments are coming through, but there is not word wrap?


rdautumnsage said...

Spaghetti? What happened to the Ham he was suppose to fix lol! Either way I would of passed. Your right about your BIL there is no reason they don't clean up after themselves. Your BIL is suppose to be helping not hindering. Is it the end of the month yet (winks). Sorry to hear about you MIL 's health turning for the worse. Keeping her in my prayers on the smoke! (Hugs) Indigo

jckfrstross said...

have a good evening:) hope your MIL can get BIL and son to pick up after themselves


radar446 said...

27 miles...holy cow!!!  It tires me out to drive that distance, much less ride a bike.  Wish I had that kind of stamina in me.


springangel235 said...

How do you do it?  That's a long bike ride.
Thinking of your MIL always in prayer...have a great weekend...still catching up here...

jlocorriere05 said...

Old age is cruel. I'm finding that out even now and I'm only 57! Some of the young people at work do things I never thought twice about but I struggle now with the arthritis in my hips and knees! I hope your MIL can get those visitors to tidy up, not fair to make a mess in her house when she's so sick. Jeannette xx