Friday, June 15, 2007


   Never, never, never again will I take so much time off from the gym.  Yee Gads it's like I have never lifted a pound in my life.  I had to move all my weights down to practically nothing.  And that treadmill from hell..... well lets just say it tried it's best to buck me off.

   We are still debating the bike ride.  It is hot and muggy, in the 90's and humid.  I am already feeling it in my lungs.  I told him we should wait until after supper when it will be cooler, maybe even after the sun goes down as I have a good light on my bike.  We shall see. 

    We bought a new smoker grill for the man's big day and are going to season it and use it Sunday.  I want to make ribs, he wants to make a brisket.  We shall see what we end up with.  Probably hot dogs, LOL.

    I am in the mood to hit the flea markets today.  Search for hidden treasures.  Just be out and about.  So my BIL can't come over.  He wants to borrow my camera.  What!  My beloved camera I saved up for a long time for!  The camera that if he breaks it will never be replaced by him.  I have no good reason not to lend it to him except I really love my camera.  It would be like really hard for me to trust him.  I offered my old camera, but no, he wants to use this one.  I have the program downloaded, it will be simpler.  Not to me.

   That is one thing, well one of many things, that he does that is really getting on my nerves.  This must be how people who don't work and mooch off people get by in the world.  They borrow stuff from people who do work.  Every day it is something else he wants to use.  My old bike, my yard shears, my computer, my printer, my camera, my van, my yard, my dog.  Yes even my dog!  He wants to borrow my dog so his son can walk him!

   Now Zoey is a really good dog, but she isn't easy to walk.  She is a scent dog.  With her nose to the ground she darts here and there and when you least expect it will charge off after a smell that must be examined.  You have to be on your toes to walk her.  We have tried for years to get her to walk well on leash, but to her she is walking well.  The world is hers to smell and she wants to smell it all.  And she is so happy on her walks smelling the world that we learned to live with it.  If she gets loose she will not come back until she is good and ready.  We know all her tricks so she doesn't get loose.  But he might have trouble with her.  I don't want to chance it.  Darn, why doesn't he go home.  Why must I have to give reasons for turning him down and sound like a .......well you  know.  Sigh.

   Otherwise not much going on.  I want to go to the rose garden soon for pictures, I am a sucker about flowers, I want to finish refinishing my dresser drawers and my new closet doors, I want to ride my bike and I want to grill.  I have talked to my MIL and she is doing as well as can be expected.  Even thinner and getting very tired. 
   A picture to end the entry.  Flower of course.


lanurseprn said...

I don't blame you for not wanting to loan him your nice camera. Tough situation. But, why do you feel you have to? Just say no. Tell him you don't loan out that camera. End of story. Who cares what he thinks, anyway?  But, you'll be regretting it when you get it back with "Julie, I broke this and now that doesn't work." Or WORSE...Julie, I've LOST it! GAWD!
Good luck,

madcobug said...

I do NOT like to loan my camera out. That is a no no. Other people just don't take care of things like you yourself do. I don't blame you about loaning Zoey out either. I think your BIL is causing you more worry than it is worth him being there. Hopefully you can go on a bike ride later this evening. Helen

kirkbyj05 said...

Julie please don't give your BIL your camera.  He won't look after it and anyway.....if something happens to it who is going to take those lovely pictures of the flowers I so enjoy seeing on your journal? (Selfih me ..I know!) Don't give him it!  As for your precious dog...nada to that too! You know what to expect from her as she goes around the forest floor 'reading her book of smells' they don't.  I allowed my old dog to go for a walk with a young boy once and even though I told him not to run him silly, he ran him up and down hill chasing a ball. The poor old dog had hip displasia and was stiff for days!  Never again!  I'm sure your BIL would be capable of saying no if needed to you.  NO! NO!  
Sorry you are so stiff after your training..muscle fibres deteriorate after 18 hours if they are not used.  I too have suffered like you in the distant!. I hope Betty stays comfortable during her illness.  Enjoy your bike ride in the gloaming.   Jeanie xx

jckfrstross said...

tell your no good BIL NO ! period !!!! and to quit asking because the answer will be the same NO. I am so sorry he is still there. Tell him to get a job loser. that picture says it all sorry i had to vent love ya lots


inquestoftruth said...

So what if you sound like a know...  at least you'll still have your camera, old bike, garden tools, 'puter, and dog!     You'll only SOUND like one.   You surely ain't.    Why enable him?    Just smile sweetly and say,  "The best I can do is lend you my old camera.  I'm just not comfortable with lending out my newer one."  
PS:  I swear that man makes me mad.   Freakin' beggars ought not be choosey.

rdautumnsage said...

I know the feeling, I thought I was in pretty good shape when Pickles first came to live with me. Yeah, right I think my arms and legs ached for weeks working with her, walking with her. As for BIL tell him the camera is off limits, you saved for a rainy day to get it. If he wants one he can save for his rainy day. I wish he would go home too! As for anyone wanting to date him, ummmm there is no polite way to say this but HELL no. Even the worst losers I had in my life looked better than he does. You would think he would make up for his looks in decency and spirit? Apparently that is something beyond his ability to understand. Zoey is a smeller huh? So is Pickles, it goes against her training, but when we are on our own in the woods, I can't help but give in; she is absolutely in her glory then. (Hugs) Indigo

jlocorriere05 said...

You don't have to make excuses about loaning stuff to him, just say no and mean it! I'd never lend my camera out, they cost a fortune to replace. Tell him to get a job and buy one if he wants one that bad! Borrow Zoey?! She's one of your family, his kid may be a good kid but it's not fair to give him the responsibility of bringing her back safe and sound. I'd say no to everything he asked to borrow, let him think what he will of you, it can't be half as bad as what you think of him! Jeannette xx