Thursday, June 7, 2007

Mini Vacation

       We drove a relatives 63 Impala up to their lake house Tuesday.  The weather was perfect, blue sky, little humidity,  high 70's.  Just a lovely day to travel.  I had my favorite traveling music in the car.  We get to their "little lake house", which is over twice the size of my home early in the afternoon.

    The house is just lovely.  Oak wood throughout and decorated beautiful.  She can always make her homes look right out a magazine.  And beautiful antique furniture through the house and bedrooms. 
We slept like royalty in this lovely bed

Dar had made us a great lunch, she also is a great cook and insisted we stay the night.  She had everything we would need including tooth brushes and clothes to sleep in.  She felt we both needed a break.  And you know what?  It was lovely.

    I went fishing off her dock and caught some bluegill and bullheads.  They are off the main lake so you don't hear the noisy skidoo's and speed boats.
    Once I got snagged on a lawn chair.  I was trying to get it unsnagged and my hook, minus bait was in the water.  I felt the pole try to take off and caught another fish without even trying. 

    Her home is lovely.
     They are still working on trying to get the lawn established.  We have had so much rain it wants to erode.  Dar has a great green thumb and I know she will get it all perfect in time.
     Later sitting in the sun room I saw this wonderful King fisher looking for fish and had to get a picture.

      We drove to a nearby park and I alsogot some great shots there.

     We came home the next day after she fixed us a breakfast like I have never seen.  It is amazing how getting away from your worries for even a day can perk you up.  I feel better and today start my long stretch again.

     I worried about being so far away from my MIL but she did fine.  She is taking morphine now in the mornings to help her breathing.  My darn BIL insists on smoking on the porch and leaves the door open so her house is just smelling really strong of smoke.  I have asked him to close the door and use a fan to blow the smoke outside but that would be too nice of him.  Why my MIL has to spend her last days smelling that is beyond me.  I sure can't wait til he leaves so I can get over there and clean the place and air it out.  The end of month can't come soon enough.


sugarsweet056 said...

Great pics!
Looks like  such fun. :)
Guess you know alerts are down. :(  I found your entry with my reader.
Hugs, Sugar

lanurseprn said...

What a lovely home she has. Wow that would be like living in a retreat! I'd never have to leave home if I had her house. Glad you guys got away and enjoyed yourselves.
I'm sorry about BIL smoking. How inconsiderate!!  How hard is it to close a door?? Geez that guy needs a kick in the ass.

rdautumnsage said...

Loved your pictures. It looks and sounds like it was a lovely retreat for you guys! You most certainly did need it. As for BIL, he is leaving at the end of the month? Couldn't come soon enough lol! Glad to hear your MIL is doing ok these days. (Hugs) Indigo