Thursday, June 14, 2007

I am off.

      We sit down at our favorite relaxing spot.  I am glad I am not working, hubby is glad he isn't fibulating and we are both glad we aren't by BIL,

       He was here today.  As soon as I woke up he called.  Joy Joy.  Phone call from Mr. Loser.   Wants to come over and let some fireworks off with his son.   Gee, BIL, it's not legal here.   Surely you wouldn't want to set a bad example for your pride and joy!  Oh not true SIL from hell.  I don't give a crap about the example I am setting for my son.  Don't you see, it is all about me!  I am teaching him to use one and all, to get by off others hard you don't have too!

    So....I packed up my hubby and took him out tonight.   When that vein on the side of his temple starts to throb, I worry.   When he gets this look in his eye like maybe he wants to charge a gun to our account......I worry.

     You can pick your friends, not your relatives.  No one would pick this relative.  He is scary.
     BIL told me to let all my single nurse friends know he was in town and ready to date.
 HA.   BIL is the one in the middle.  Any takers?

 So for a lark I have been showing his date me picture to the nurses I know that are single.  They now are very happy they are single.   Planning on staying that way for a long time if the dating market looks like what I have shown them.  I am doing a good service here.  Making others happy is my goal.

     My wrist is still feeling like someone has a hot poker in it.   Well, is it going to stop me from realizing my goals?  NO.  I am getting up in the morning and going to the gym.  Feel the burn.  Hoping something burns more then my wrist to make it feel better.  Then a bike ride.  I have been downplaying it because talking about it can screw me up but I am losing and getting smaller.  Very very slow.  I will die a slim woman ,LOL.  But a slim woman with a good beer in me by God.

    Well, Rick has picked out a movie to watch.  I hope not scary or terrible that makes me cover my eyes.  Take care all.

       Zoey has her stitches out.  She was shaking and nervous at the vets, sure she was going to be left and have pieces cut out of her again.  She dragged Rick to the car, joy in her face and body.  No more surgery for her.

    Do you know what has wings but can't fly?

A dead bird!  Giggle.


kirkbyj05 said...

I laughed at your entry this mornimg've got to keep that sense of humour dear lady!  Glad to hear that you are off and planning some exercise too. Bending the elbow as you hold a beer must be about the best kind of exercise out.  Lol! I loved the sentence..."I will die a slim woman".    I wish that were true of me...maybe I should take up this 'exercising' of yours.  Enjoy your break.    Jeanie

madcobug said...

Tell your BIL that you don't want any fireworks shot around your place because it will scare those deer and make them stop coming around for you to enjoy seeing them. That Petunia is beautiful. I am glad Zoey is doing ok after those stitches were taken out. Bless her hear for being afraid she was going to be left behind again. Have a nice weekend. Helen

springangel235 said...

Your entry brought a giggle...your very talented with your wording.  Loved the flower pretty.  Have a wonderful weekend...hugs and love,

lanurseprn said...

I'm glad you're off now and can enjoy some time with Rick. I agree with Helen, if you shoot off fireworks there the deer might not come back.
BIL looks scary!!  Ok...if HE gets a girl...that means there IS someone for everyone out there! GOD he's awful! LOL!
Have a good day...

rjet33 said...

Your pics are lovely and umm......about the BIL..........glad I am married.  ::giggle::.........and to a hottie too!~

Sorry I haven't been around in a while.  Been quite busy.  Hope to catch up on some of my fav journals this weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend!~


jlocorriere05 said...

Animals understand so much, I bet Zoey was terrified going back to the vets. I'm so glad she won't be going back again! Mind if I pass on the date with your BIL?! Lol! He looks so unsavoury! Ugh! Enjoy the gym and your bike ride, I hope your wrist heals up fast. I hope the film wasn't scary, men seem to like those ones! Give me a nice gentle one like On Golden Pond anytime! Have a great weekend. Jeannette xx