Sunday, June 10, 2007

work work work

       Well  I haven't done an entry for awhile.   I have been working and then when I am home packing dishes.  The ebay sale ends today and is going well.   Packing has been a bear.  I have used 2 rolls of bubble wrap and used up all my newsprint paper so need to get more.  These dishes are also very heavy and shipping is going to be high.  Darn USPS raising their prices so bad.  Work has been work.  Busy busy busy.

    My BIL is still doing the most unbelievable things.  Still getting money from my MIL.  Still going though her house.  He has emptied out her garage and I fear he is planning on moving up and bringing his few belongs.  What a mess.  I wish he would just disappear.

    Well, I am so tired.   I will visit your journals when I wake.  Take all.


jlocorriere05 said...

Hi Julie, I wondered where you'd got to! Our postage rates are very high too. Glad you're getting the packing done. I'm sorry your BIL is still being a pain, people don't change do they? I hope you had a good sleep. Jeannette xx  

madcobug said...

I am glad that your ebay sales are going good. BIL is probably determined to get his share of his Mom's money. Wonder if he is selling things out of her garage. Have a nice sleep in. Helen

springangel235 said...

Hope you can get some have been a busy lady...many hugs,

seraphoflove9001 said...

Hi...stopping by to say hello! ;o) I hope you have a great day. :o)

lanurseprn said...

Get some rest.

erarein63 said...

I say a shooting at dawn of the BIL.  I thought the cost of big packages were supposed to be lower with the USPS.  De ;)