Sunday, June 10, 2007

My last day of work


    I was sleeping soundly when Zoey started to scratch frantically at my door.  I open it up and go back to bed only to have her jump on the bed and whine, run into the living room and start making this tell tell noise.   Noooooooooo!  Leap out of bed and rush her outside to the grass where she commences to upchuck bright yellow bile all over.  Thank goodness she let me know.  That would have been a nightmare to get out of the carpet.

    Of course now I worry about all these things, Is it the Cancer?  Is it spreading?  Why is she sick to her stomach?  I suppose I will think things like this now everytime something like this happens.  Dogs throw up regularly.   I swear she eats a certain grass to make sure she does.  She gets sick if she doesn't eat,  gets sick if she eats too much.  Its not a common thing with her,but she has done it in the past and I never worried except for that time she got poisoned.   Now though I suppose I will always have that nagging fear.  Not Zoey though.  First thing she did when I got her inside was nose her biscuit jar looking for a treat.  I did tell her she was wonderful to let me know but man......what a way to wake up!

    I have a few more things to pack so had better get busy.  Hope everyone had a delightful weekend.  I am glad I am off tomorrow not that I will be able to relax as I have to finish packing these and let everyone know their shipping costs.  That will cause cries of grief throughout the country.  Man did the postal prices take a huge leap.  We should be able to have something to say about that.  I have to find a cheaper way to mail packages.



madcobug said...

Poor Zoey, That was so sweet of her to let you know she was sick. I am surprised she could wait long enough to wake you up. Those white flowers are do delicate looking and beautiful. Good luck on getting everything wrapped and sent off. Helen

jlocorriere05 said...

Poor Zoey, she's very bright to wake you up. My cats just do it on the floor, I do have laminate floors now so it's easy to clean! I love the daisies, never seen them that close up before, we tend to overlook them because they're everywhere! Have a great week! Jeannette xx  

lanurseprn said...

What a great doggie to know that she needs to let you know. Wow she's smart!! I hope it was just an upset tummy, and nothing more.
Have a good night at work.

jckfrstross said...

good dog:) have a good week


inquestoftruth said...

Poor Zoey!   Well, not really.   After the arf-toss she was just fine!     Poor you, for having to worry.    Dogs are just part of the family, aren't they?    

rdautumnsage said...

When the temp. first started getting high this summer, Pickles was upchucking like crazy. I know I was in a state, worrying over her! Then I discovered she loved chewing grass when I took her out, the grass made her sick each and every time. So I've since discouraged that little endeavor. I can imagine what your going through worrying if it's just that sort of silliness, or the cancer. Keeping her and you in my prayers on the smoke hon! Wishing you peace and love. (Hugs) Indigo

linnpooh said...

Hi Julie,
Playing catch up. I'm sorry Zoey is sick, my Molly has cancer's so sad, isn't it? I will definitely keep her in my prayers, give her some belly rubs for me.
I'm happy to find you MIL still in good spirits.....does she know what an angel she has in you? You are a true gem.

Love & Pooh Hugs,

erarein63 said...

Sorry Zoey got sick, but what a good puppy to warn you and make it outside!  When I was doing eBay, there was a way to insert a postage calculator on my auction site.  That way all anyone had to do was input their zip code and it gave them 3 choices of shipping companies to choose from.  USPS always won out, and there were no surprises from the bidders.  De ;)

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