Sunday, July 1, 2007

Why so stretched out now

   I haven't been using large pictures so why is my page stretched so far across. 
   I thought it might be the pictures from before so I deleted them but they are still stretched .  Help



ukgal36 said...

It only looks like that if you open your journal..when others click on the alert it look normal..that's what i thought when i put mine in too....
Did that make sense?

nightmaremom said...

your madri gras picture box looks centered but I can't imagine how or why as it is a default set up by AOL... I think.  LOL  Maybe it's that?  
PS Lyn's right, if you only go to the entry for the alert it isn't like that... grrrr AOL

inquestoftruth said...

This happehned to me once, but I caught it right after I made the offending entry and deleted it.....   I sure don't know how to help you.

cacklinrosie101 said...

Shelly, Roxymama, can usually figure the width of journals out.  Chris