Thursday, July 19, 2007

Finally rain....and more

    Nope, not my picture but I wish it was, isn't it wonderful!

     Anyway.  Last night we were watching Deadwood.  I know we said we weren't going to keep watching it, but slowly the language is getting better and it is interesting.  I was slow in canceling them though netfex so I guess we will keep watching.

     Between episodes I ran to the bathroom and Boom!  One of those beginning lightening and thunder bolts that rattle the house and make your hair stand up.  Yikes.   Went into the kitchen just in time for our world to go dark.  Dark except the frequent flashes of lightening from the storm raging outside.  Zoey hugging my legs casting worried looks up at my face.  She is such a whimp when it thunders.

   Fortunately I have many candles and flashlights.  I think we were without power a couple of hours.  I went to bed and was woken up by my AC kicking in.  Every light in the house seemed to be on.  I swear I didn't have that many on when the power shut down.  Happily my computer and all electrical things seem fine.  My son was upset.  Why didn't you turn my TV off when there was so much lightening.  Well dear, we had no time.  We went from, Oh Man listen to that lightening to total darkness in almost a blink of an eye.

    I would like to say thanks to anybody out there who have family that work for the power company.  In the middle of this electrical storm they were out getting our power working.  There were many places in town without power.  I wouldn't have wanted them risking their lives, but am grateful everything in my freezer and fridge didn't melt.  So thanks guys and gals, outstanding.


coelha said...

Yesterday morning it was afternoon, it was hot and muggy.  Strange weather!!  I love that picture!  Have a nice and dry rest of the week!  Julie :)

lanurseprn said...

WOW that would have scared me to death! I haven't heard a real crack of lightening in about 7 yrs! I remember it clearly, and remember what I was doing. We just don't get that much here. Heck...we haven't had much rain here this year at all.
Hope you have a good day.

jckfrstross said...

i love storms but hate the lightening and thunder its scary. enjoy your weekend


radar446 said...

We've been having our share of pretty nasty storms out this way as well.  Its been a turbulent spring and summer everywhere I believe.


erarein63 said...

That is a totally awesome pic, even if you didn't take it.  We had a dust/thunderstorm the other night when I was at work.  Apparently the electricity went off my house and the kids freaked out.  Now you'd think they wouldn't, but it was the 20 yr old who was the worst, lol.  De ;)

ukgal36 said...

love that pic..mother nature at her finest..