Sunday, July 1, 2007

All my aches and pain

   Yesterday I spend working on my closet doors.  I have to finish sanding them and then stain them.  It took me around 5 hours, much longer then I thought it would and then I planted a new shrub to replace the one the darling deer killed.  Hopefully they won't like the take of this one as well.  By supper time walking was almost impossible.  My lower back is out.  Why, I didn't do that much much but I am in a good amount of pain.  Not happy about it either I can tell you.  I still have so much to do.  I am on a cleaning streak and want to finish the basement. 

  The entire time I was planting the shrub the mean little robin was dive bombing my head, screeching away.  The man across the street started laughing.  Funny funny ha ha.  It is getting pretty annoying.  Now the bird had decide besides the front yard I can't be in the side yard either.  I was watering my tomatoes and swoosh, here she comes.  Now I know she is a good mother and she has babies to protect but just because I took pictures a couple of times doesn't mean I am the number one enemy.  Boy will I be happy when the chicks have flown the nest and then that wreath is coming down.

   I slept a drug induced sleep last night with the help of my sleeping pill and tylenol.  No dreams that I can remember which was fine by me.  My dreams have been way to graphic and disturbing.  I want happy good dreams, little bunnies hopping around.  Catching big fish at a rushing mountain stream, being skinny as a pole.  Yup, good dream.

    I was sitting across the table from my MIL.  She stood up and started going over backwards on the chair.  Hold on I cried as I ran to catch her.  Fortunately she grabbed the handle to the fridge and keep herself upright long enough for me to get there.  My heart was in my throat.  Her balance is terrible lately.  She is yellow and has diarrhea.  More then you want to know I bet, LOL.  I want to finish my closet doors and have her come see them as she bought them for me for Christmas.  I had to wait until good weather to stain them and now put urethane on them but I will hopefully do that today.  Hopefully my motrin will kick in and I'll be able to move soon.

   Oh on the squiggle toothpaste.  I got it for my mouth sores.   Will I ran out so used our usual.  Within 4 days I had canker sores all over again.  So now I am trying Biotene which is also a Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free toothpaste that I can get locally.  I hope it works as well.  There are 7 brands that don't contain the SLS but they are hard to find around here.  That is the ingredient they say that causes the sores if your prone to them.  I will never be without some again.

   Well, I guess I am done.   I want to add to all our friends overseas.  Please be careful with your increased terror threat over there.  I worry about you all.  I worry about us all.  Please Dear God keep us all safe.


madcobug said...

You journal is normal now although earlier it was wide. Whatever you did it worked. I feel for your MIL. May God be with her. Sorry that your back is acting up. I know the feeling. I am sitting sideways in my chair now to help releive the pressure some. It's not helping much. Hope your day gets better. Your pictures are beautiful. Helen

jckfrstross said...

enjoy your Sunday:)


lanurseprn said...

Hi Julie. I'm sorry your back is out. I know how painful that can be. I hope you feel better soon.
Sorry your MIL is doing so poorly. I feel bad for her. She's gotta be miserable poor thing. She's so fortunate to have you and Rick.
I hope you have a good Sunday and get some rest on that sore back.

inquestoftruth said...

so sorry about your back...I can certainly relate to that!    I don't blame you for getting a little irritated about the robin, and even for taking the wreath down, but you have to admit, it is pretty wonder the neighbor laughed.     <innocent look>

erarein63 said...

Oh man, now you know why I don't clean much.  I end up the same way.  Poor you!  But don't you feel a sense of accomplishment? *big grin*  De ;)

cacklinrosie101 said...

Ugh, I have a bad rotator cuff which needs treatment again.  I took a hiatus from my pc because I craved nicotine so badly sitting at it.  I got a cleaning bug but really did my shoulder in.  It is really hell to get old and achy.  Glad your bike riding helped.  Chris