Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm off

  The next week stretches gleefully in front of me.  The weather is suppose to be in the low 80's with a mild wind.  Mild wind = bike riding fun.

   I got off at 11 last night after my class.  Computer classes... how fun.  I remember when all we had to be really good at was taking care of patients, now we have to do all this endless computer charting.  What a pain and time away from the bedside.
     I ran across a nurse I used to work with often when I worked Peds.  She works OB.  She had gotten pulled to another floor and had to put a catheter in a man to help him urinate.  He couldn't go.  She couldn't get it in.  So they call me...the resident I can get any foley in girl, LOL.   The secret is you use a special cath that curves at the end.  Then you twist it like a corkscrew to get it past the enlarged prostate.  She watched me do it to this man in horror.  It looks worse then it is and believe me he was very thankful to be able to go, but she said she never forgot how I corkscrewed that cath in and they talk about it this day, LOL.   My claim to fame.  She happily went back to OB where woman routinely push a watermelon sized baby out and I look on that with horror....its what your used to.

    So enough talk of the fun at work, (grin).  I am off.  OFF.  I have to pack a couple of packages and then go pick up the car.  See my MIL and then force myself to take a bike ride.  Goal this week.  To get up to 25 miles again and start doing hills.  If we do get to go to the Black Hills I have to do the hills.  No way around it.  That is why they call it the Black HILLS.  Darn.  Why not the Black Flats and downhill trail?  We watched a video of someone who went on it and it is just beautiful. 

     We are living in a limbo state right now.  Can't really plan anything.  I have no idea how my MIL will be doing then.  If she isn't doing bad we can put her in respite care that week.  She thinks that would be great and they would pamper her.  But what if we were hundreds of miles away and something happened or she worsened.  However what if she stays the same for the next several months.  I truly believe things are not going to be for much longer though, but I have been saying that and have been wrong.  She just plugs along.  Slowly getting weaker, but not as fast as I feared.

   Well, sitting her typing is not getting my chores done or my bike ride closer.  I can almost feel the wind on my face as I soar down a hill.  See ya all later.


jckfrstross said...

enjoy your day:)


rbrown6172 said...

i love the cat pix...are they yours?  hope you have some good days off and  will be able to relax.

coelha said...

Enjoy your time off!  You surely deserve it!  Julie

lanurseprn said...

I'd rather insert a catheter rather than help deliver a baby anytime! Like you said, it's what you're used to. LOL!
I hope you enjoy your time off.

radar446 said...

Enjoy your time off.  Bike riding does sound like fun.


kirkbyj05 said...

I am being infected by your excitement and your hoped for bike rides in the Black Hills of Dakota....wonderful.  MIL is right.   She will be well looked after in the respite care home whilst you are away.   Just phone her daily and even if she takes a turn for the worse you know you were there for her each day.   It sounds like she would understand that.   Get those wheels rolling.....forward ho!    You need the break.  Don't talk yourself out of it.     Jeanie   xxx