Sunday, July 22, 2007

My breathless night.

  The night started out OK.  I got my sweet patients back and was doing well.   I picked another up at 11 because the charge nurse couldn't handle a full load,  Grit my teeth.  So I was busy but nice busy. 

   After the 9th time pulling a lady up in bed my shoulder was screaming.  I took a motrin.  20 minutes lates I was having trouble breathing.   Used my inhaler.   For some reason it really affected me poorly.  I got shaking and totally exhausted.  I was having chest pain which I get with an asthma attach and really feeling punk.  Man I hate feeling this way.  I sat in front of a fan but it took a couple of hours before I felt better and I was still having chest pain.  My ankles are swollen to double their size so I know I need to be taking my lasix to get some of the fluid off.  That is probably part of the problem.  Maybe a little failure again.  But I don't have time to take the lasix.  I want to sleep, I don't want to piddle all day.  Whaaaaaa.  So I took a pain pill and a sleeping pill and am going to sleep as long as possible before work tonight.  I will feel better when I get up.  I will!

   Did have a sweet thing happen.  Our tele tech fosters children.  She had a 3 week old who was going to be turned over to her new adoptive parents.  This took place in our back room because our tele tech had to work and wanted to say goodbye to the baby.  The new parents got to see the baby and hold it for the first time.  It brought tears to my eyes.  Sweet little baby will get a forever home and the couple looked so happy.



ukgal36 said...

Get off your feet and rest!!!!!
P.S. Cute about the baby..I am the same way babies make me misty...

fisherkristina said...

Ugh, no time to take the lasix?  Take care of your health, Julie!

Krissy :)

candlejmr said...

I'm with Krissy...take that Lasix and pee all that fluid out so you feel better!!!

And I am "awwwwing" about that baby too.  Such a sweet story.


lanurseprn said...

That scene in the back room with the baby would have made me cry!!
Take the lasix...and I hope you feel better.

erarein63 said...

(((((Julie)))))  And you chide your hubby about his AFib?  Shame on you and take your lasix.  You don't want to end up intubated do you?  I know you know better.  Seriously hon, take care of yourself.  De ;)

coelha said...

I hope you are feeling better soon!!  New babies are the only reason I like visiting hospitals!!  :)  Julie

rdautumnsage said...

Hon, your a nurse you know better....Take your Lasix. Yeah I know I'm parroting everyone else, but you KNOW where all right too. What a beautiful moment to be able to witness with that little baby. (Hugs) Indigo

springangel235 said...

You take care when lifting those patients.  Such a happy time for the adoptive family and sad for your friend...hope it all works out...I am sure it will.  Hugs and love,

inquestoftruth said...

Surely by now, you've taken the lasix.     That baby story made me tear up.
Take care of you...somebody's gotta fight the BIL, you know.