Sunday, July 15, 2007

  At work my nickname is Goddess so being a princess is a bit of a demotion but I can handle it, LOL.

   Well the temps outside are against me.  It was suppose to be in the 80's most of the days I am off.  I had more bike rides planned and a trip to the zoo.  Instead we have temps in the high 90's, Gee thanks Al!  So what to do.  Heat stroke is not on my agenda.  Might be time to drag out the kiddy pool.

    I am going to an auction this afternoon.   With the type of shop I have you always have to be going to sales to replenish your supplies.  So wish me luck I buy low and sale high.  My Motto.  Rick will stay at his mothers while I shop but I can call if I need help with my haul.  Then this evening I have to take tests all night. 

   I am taking a new class on line, Cardiovascular Nursing.   My license is due next month and I am so lazy this year I never got all the CEU's I needed to renew.  I go to so many classes all the time, at least one a pay period, you think that would count but nooooo.   I have to pay for these CEU' and pay dearly for my new license.  And then I can't get it for as many years, but the cost has increased.  Ticks me off, but I have to have it to work.  Does any other profession have to pay for the privilege of working?  I suppose but it just ain't right, LOL.

    I was outside yesterday and looked up at the eve.   Imagine my horror when I saw this.  Millions of horrible little eight legged creatures freshly hatched out a egg sack.  A large egg sack.  Just like the ones the very large and hairy spiders that used to be in my other house used to carry.  Right outside my screened window.  Who knows how many already made their creepy way in my place of sanctum.  So I dispersed them.  Took a stick and wrapped them up like cotton candy and relocated them to the way back woods.  Man they give me the creeps.  Give me a nice smooth snake any day.

    It is time to get ready and go to the auction.  I like to get their early and check every thing out to see if it is worth staying.  Ta all.


lanurseprn said...

Good luck at the auction! I hope you find some treasures to sell.
GROSS about the spiders!! OMG I'd DIE!! I've never seen anything like that. You're brave to take them out to the woods. Me? I'd be spraying bug killer on 'em!! GROSS!! <still cringing here>

nightmaremom said...

Ewwwwwww those spiders gave me the heeby geebies....  I'm itchy all over now.

jckfrstross said...

eww i would have gotten the bug spray and killed them i hate spiders and snakes lol have a good week


cacklinrosie101 said...

Hope you had lots of luck at the auction and found some super things.  Yuck to those eggs.  I've had hornet's nest but nothing like that.  Last summer I had a fly infestation in my house which was totally disgusting.  Anyway, stay cool and study hard.  Chris

inquestoftruth said...

Girl there ain't NO WAY I wouldda done what you did!    I would be yelling for Ole Boy to come QUICKLY and take care of this problem NOWWWW!!!!    That would not be relocation, either!  lol   <shudder>