Tuesday, July 24, 2007



  At the post office yesterday, it is busy busy busy,  I have several packages to mail so hubby is with me.  Long crowded lines.  Suddenly hubby strides away rapidly to read something on the board across the room!  What could be so interesting I wonder?  As I am wondering about that all of a sudden the most god awful odor hits my nose.  GAG... his silent but deadly has struck again and I am trapped as s everyone else for fear of losing our places in the line.  Everyone is busy trying to look innocent while I am shooting dagger glances at my husband who is still innocently reading the board with a kind of I have no idea anything is going on look.  Men!

    Yesterday was a busy day.  I had an ebay sale end during the weekend so only slept a few hours so I could pack and ship.   I also got my hair cut.  She styled it for me also but frankly I didn't care for the wild look she gave me so restyled it when I got home to something more suited to me.  Work yesterday was busy as it seemed like the entire town came in for Detox and I was wore out enough I went to bed early.  So much for my day off.  2 more days and then I am off for my stretch.

    My BIL is going away for a week.  Yippy.   We will be at my MIL's most of the time so I won't be writing much.  I have some deep cleaning to do plus we want to talk to her frankly and see how she thinks its going with BIL.  Since he is her youngest and she has always forgiven him his every move she hasn't said much outwardly.  Just expressed dismay at her homes mess and upset she can't find anything since he decided to move everything from where she had kept it for decades.  But she won't say anything bad about him.  Heck as a mother I might not about my son either.  But with him gone we might find out exactly how things are going. 

   We are going to see what is all missing from the house.  My FIL collected coins for decades.  Old ones and ones from the mint.  Are they gone?  Are the stamps gone?  Is his jewelry gone?  Or did he just move things around.  Hopefully we can reassure ourselves also.  We just don't trust him.  He was so terrible when my FIL was ill I have never forgiven him so maybe that is clouding my judgment.  If my MIL is perfectly happy then we will just keep on like we are.  If she isn't then we will discuss moving in.

    Otherwise not much going on.  I am sitting around today not going anywhere since I took my lasix this morning.  Can't go anywhere.  The heat is terrible.  It was 90 with a 90% humidity yesterday.  Terrible.  Everything looks moist and breathing is difficult.  It is not much better today.  That is why my breathing is bad this week.  Hopefully a break in the weather is coming soon.

   Take care everyone.  Hope you week goes well.


fisherkristina said...

Yes, it is hard to go out when you take Lasix!  I take it too!


lanurseprn said...

I hope all of your MIL's valuables are still safe. Take care and stay cool!

jckfrstross said...

good luck with MIL i hope BIL didn't steal the coins and stamps but i wouldn't bet my life on it


rdautumnsage said...

I'm willing to gamble the stamps and coins are already gone. Your BIL is probably going to say he put them in a safe place. Loved the graphics today! I was laughing so hard over hubby's antics I was crying. Doc does the same thing to me. I remember he went into the men's room of a restaurant one time. All the tables near the walkway to the bathroom, started complaining and gagging over the smell. I told him next time hold it till we leave at least. (Hugs) Indigo

erarein63 said...

I really despise people who prey on the elderly and ill.  Their time is coming, just not soon enough.  We have been having quite a bit of humidity too with the monsoon in full force.  Ugh.  But I love the storms, just so it doesn't get too bad.  Your husband is too funny...I would have shouted out "Hey, don't just fart and run away, stand over here and suffer with the rest of us!", lol.  De ;)