Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Scale

       Yesterday  I bought another scale.  Not the scale I wanted, but the scale hubby picked out.  He liked it because it was all glass and chrome. Very sleek.  I wanted the old style since my other one crapped out so fast.  But... the one he liked really did look cool.

    Step on the scale, 115.  WOW.  I like this scale.  Knew the scale was wrong,but liked it anyway.

    Called to hubby.  Honey look!  Stepped on scale.  315 In 5 minutes.  You should have seen the look of shock on hubby's face, LOL. 

   Wait, I cried, seconds ago I was a slim trim beauty.  This lies.  Try it yourself.  He steps on.  318.  Ok.....proof my diet hasn't gone that badly wrong.  So today, the new scale goes and we get a different one.  Ugly, not sleek,  but correct.


rdautumnsage said...

Love that graphic about not stepping on it , it would make you cry. I always go with older versions of anything . It will last and at the very least work. (Hugs) Indigo

erarein63 said...

Unfortunately my scale doesn't lie...123 for my 4'10 frame!!!  Yikes.  I'm doomed.  De :0