Friday, July 27, 2007



           My BIL leaves today for a vacation.  Just a question.  I haven't been able to afford a vacation for 3 years and I work full time, how can he?   Now now Julie, just be happy for him to be able to get away.  Shame on you for being petty.

      So anyway we are going to be there more then here for the next 7 days.  Since my back still feels like someone left a knife in the middle of it I am going to go slow and easy on the cleaning.  Rick will do the heavy stuff.  Hopefully we have the house in shape and looking sparkling soon.

     I am going to make beef vegetable soup for supper tonight and also some brownies which I am not going to touch.  We want things around to tempt her.   BIL has left some great treats for her to nibble on.

       She really looks terrible these days.  So thin and frail and getting yellower by the day.  One thing I am kind of upset about is all the meds hospice has her on.  She hates taking meds and they keep adding some.  I agree with the pancreatic enzymes.  Might help her digestion.  But why all the others.  Aspirin, ones for her stomach, blood pressure meds.  Her blood pressure is low these days, aspirin?  Now they want to add Lasix.   That will really drive her nuts.  She is too weak to be running to the bathroom all the time and she is already pretty dry, why the lasix.  They think it will help her breathing in the morning, but I think the side effects out way the benefits.  We shall see.

    My back is still hurting.  I have only taken one of the pain pills, I hate taking them, they make me so tired, but it is nice to have it at night when I can't sleep.  I haven't seen any improvement in my back yet.  Must have been the last big ebay sale and all the packing that got it all messed up again.

    Saw my asthma doctor yesterday.  He gave me a couple of new meds as I was wheezing up a storm and he says my asthma in not under control.  I could have told him that, LOL.  Once the humidity goes down it will be better.  I was hoping my lungs would be all healed from the chlorine by this time and I would be off the asthma meds for good.  Looks like it is not to be.

     Well, I will be popping in at times when I come home to take care of Zoey.  We are not sure if we are sleeping there.  Maybe one of us there and one here for the dog taking turns.  She keeps her house so hot I will have trouble sleeping there.  Take care all.


inquestoftruth said... have so much going on, it's not wonder your back is acting up.  Stress can't be helping matters.    Wish I could help somehow.   If you end up sleeping at MIL's, take a fan.

madcobug said...

I would think the BIL is using her money to go on vacation. That might give you and Rick a break to see him gone for a while. Take it easy on that cleaning and rest your back as much as possibe. I am having a hard time sitting with mine. Hope yours will soon get better. I sent up a prayer for you, Rick and your MIL this morning. I also included your BIL with all his problems. Hope your day goes better today. Hugs, Helen

jckfrstross said...

please go and see the doc today! enjoy your days with MIL


rdautumnsage said...

Your BIL is no doubt dipping in your MIL funds again. What the hell does the guy do that he needs a vacation, he just got there! I feel for you and your husband getting the place back in order and clean only to have that ass come back and self destruct everthing all over. Keeping you and your MIL in my prayers on the smoke!
(Hugs) Indigo

rbrown6172 said...

{{{julie}}}  you certainly have a lot on your plate right now.   you will be in my prayers.  sorry your back isn't much better.

cacklinrosie101 said...

One good thing about the vacation is your BIL will be out of sight.  I know I haven't had money for a vacation in years.  I would think the hospice would just worry about the pain level and nutrients and not the other stuff.  Hope you are feeling better.  Keeping you all in my prayers.  Chris

erarein63 said...

You know, I wonder all the damn time how all these nurses I work with go to Vegas, Hawaii, Colorado, Mexico, etc and not me.  We did go to Sedona and San Diego this past year.  First time for vacations in like oh...4 or 5 years.  Waaaaaaaaa!  Take it easy over at your MIL.  I agree about the Lasix.  Maybe in small doses.  But aspirin for her stomach?  Doesn't make sense since it is an irritant to most people's stomach and increases bleeding time.  De ;)

springangel235 said...

I am keeping you in my prayers that your back pain goes away.  The meal sounds so good.  I got hungry reading about it.  Hope you have a good, relaxing weekend...many hugs,