Saturday, May 31, 2008


        Well, we were lucky enough to not get blown away the other day.  The clouds were just awesome and we saw funnels galore but besides losing our electrical transformer the tornadoes stayed away.  We didn't have electricity for a few hours.  That is bad when your wondering what the weather is doing.

     My son's house is finished.  Today he started moving things in.  Mostly his few hundred books.  We all read a lot in this family.  The great thing about getting rid of TV is it cultivated book reading in us all.  He likes to buy his books so he always has something I can read.  I don't buy them much anymore as I am trying to keep the libraries alive by going there often. 

   It seems mostly these days like it is full of perverts huddled over the computers on the top floor.  Hutched over the screen trying not to let people know they are trying to pick up children on the internet or looking at porn.  Scary unkempt people you wouldn't want to meet in an alley.

     The library tried to bar them, but even perverts have more rights then us. Prove it!  Well...their body language proves they are doing something you just don't want to know about.   Are they talking to your daughter or granddaughter?  Pretending to be their age.  Sending them pictures of their private parts!  I did see that show on TV when we were staying at my MIL's.  Scary stuff.

     Sometimes the entire computer thing makes me cringe.   My predator father would have had a field day with the new technology.  He preyed on newly widowed women.  Befriended them, wooed them, married them and took everything they owned. Abused them for kicks and slept with their daughters.   Destroyed them.  I have nothing of my father in me.  Just the knowledge that these type of monsters do exist.

         Anyway.  What have I been up too?  Not to much.  Finished the son's house.  Tried to stay dry.  Looking at marbles and new clocks. studying my new class on line, reading a good book. Waiting for dry weather so I can take my bike out.  Tomorrow we are going on a photo shoot and to an auction to check out some clocks.  I think I have room for a couple more.  I promised my oldest one of my clocks for his place when he moves.
        I am behind on alerts.  My computer keeps crashing.  I have read most of them but right in middle....boom, the computer is down.  Ticks me off.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Take care all. 


radar446 said...

So glad that you have weathered the storm without any major issues.  You are right about those guys at the computers in the libraries...there are so many pervs around.  it is easy to use the library because when law enforcement makes a case against an online predator, they customarily seize their computer for evidence.  even a formatted hard drive still holds all the information.  With the library, there is no way to trace that back to the operator...they are getting smart, but never too smart not to get caught.


madcobug said...

I worried about you all the other day when I knew there was bad weather in the midwest. I am glad that you all have got your son's house ready to move in. Your flowers are beautiful. I don't think I would like going to a libarary where all those bad guys hang out. I have read of guys watching the obits and moving in on widows. Our town has quit publishing addresses when featuring the obits but people can still look up phone numbers and find them. I hope your computer quits acting up on you. Have a good Sunday and get some good pictures. Helen

lanurseprn said...

I'm glad you didn't get any damage from the storms. What a relief! I still would freak if I saw a funnel cloud, though!!

Yes there are a lot of pervs out there. They are the people you'd least expect. My sister married one and he abused her daughter for years. Finally, she said something and it all came out. The guy is now in prison...for life.  So the justice system worked for that...but my niece is damaged forever.

Ok...well I hope you have a good night.

nightmaremom said...

glad you're safe after the storms....   beautiful pics!

rdautumnsage said...

One of the graphics on my side bar is a picture of a tv with the words in the blank screen. Save your mind, read a book. I'm trying like hell to get Doc to read more. If it's music chord book, or something in that line he'll read it. I paid a whopping $65 for a single book for him this past Christmas. It was an archive book on guitar amps. Well worth every cent. I've never seen him look at a book as much as he does that one in the 5 years I've been with him.

I've had some friends tell me the same thing about the libraries...I've watched the show on predators myself, it makes you sick but I'm glad they are opening peoples eyes to the reality. Wonderful news on your son finally being able to move into his house. Hope the weather allows for bike riding soon hon. (Hugs) Indigo

coelha said...

Yes, the internet can be used in very ugly ways...I've seen a few cases come across my desk at work in regards to older men preying on younger, teenage girls.  It's pretty gross..  The internet has also become the new "singles bar"..not just for singles.  The chatrooms are full of men and woman engaging in adultrious affairs..  I know-my ex-husband had a few flings of his own, and ended up marrying one of them.  She did me a favor!  LOL..  Take care, Julie

rbrown6172 said...

i've never seen funnel clouds, though i've always wanted to snap long as it was headed over large empty field.  glad that all of you are safe.  yes....lots of evil in our sad at the heartache and trauma it causes.  lovely flowers.  i know you must love spring and summer with your green thumb.

cacklinrosie101 said...

Are the storms wreaking havoc on your pc?  I cringe also because computers are great but have opened a whole new world for predators.  I was wondering if the storms hit your area.  Chris