Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nurses Week


       It is nurses week so Happy Nurses Week to all you nurses out there.  You deserve great big hugs.  Here in Iowa we just found out we are some of the lowest paid nurses in the country ranking 52nd out of 54!  Medicaid promised to give our hospitals an increase in money if they would raise the nurses pay.  Well it is about time!  I knew I wasn't getting paid what I am worth.  The sad thing is we pay some of the highest taxes to live here.  The cost of living has gone way up but the wages stay low.  I am running out of reasons to stay in the state of my birth.


       This nurse ran her tushy off this weekend.   We were so busy.  I literally did not sit once on Sunday night and did my charting on the run between rooms.  We had such sick patients that night.  I didn't get my TEN's unit on before work so I have no idea if that would have helped or not.

     Yes I did get approved for the unit and they put it on on Saturday.   I am not sure how it will work out.  I have a lot of burning from the nerve pain and the unit seems alot like that...however.  The sharp pains and dull heavy pain was better the day I wore it so maybe it will help.  I have a month to try it out.  The bad thing is I can't get it on alone.  Helen had the same problem right Helen.  So if Rick isn't here I can't use except on my lower back.   It is hard to place the electrodes exactly where I need them between my shoulder blades and neck.   I have the sticky things stuck to my bra, shirt, and together in no time, LOL.  I am such a klutz.

    I got 2 of my clocks back from getting cleaned.  They sound wonderful and look so much better.  I am down to 6.  Check them out.  The one below is a Pilgrim Westminster clock.  The clock man sets the tones to soft so they don't chime so loud you get to hate them. Did you know they can do that?  It helps when you have multiple clocks like I do  It sounds so pretty and I love the art deco look of it.  It's pretty old, but I am not sure of the year.1910's I think.  It is a 8 day wind.

          My Gilbert clock has the lovely gong.  It just hums and keeps perfect time.  The clock people touched up the scroll work so it looks like new.  Its from the 1910's also I believe.     Looks good for its age doesn't it.  Another 8 day wind

   The next on is a Ingraham.  It was my MIL's.  She could never get it to keep good time or keep running.  I brought it home to sell for her and it keeps perfect time where I set it so I kept it.  The chime on it isn't that pretty but I like it anyway.  I might see about it getting the scroll work touched up on it also.  It needs to be wound every 8 days also.

          My newest clock is this Regulator I just got with the Westminster chimes on it.  It needs to be wound every 8 days and he also has it set quieter so you can here it but it doesn't take over the house.  I think it was from the 60's or 70's.  Keep great time also.

           The Kundo Anniversary clock is one my husband gave his parents on their 25 wedding anniversary.  So it would be around 30 some years old.  It only needs to be wound once a year, how cool is that and keeps perfect time.

           Last but not least is my Mastercrafters fireplace clock.  I had several of these novelty clocks but sold them at the auction.  Except for my ship clock I am giving to my son.  They are cool clocks but make noise when they run and it gets to me.  I do want the waterfall clock this company made.  I think this is from the 50's or 60's.

     I am kind of a sucker for these old clocks and who knows, I might end up with more if I run across one that I just have to have.  I did see a coo coo clock I want.  Hummmm.

        Anyway.  What else.  We are putting the final touches on paint at my sons.  2 more days of work.  I probably won't paint today as my back is pretty touchy today.  I will supervise LOL.  Hey guys, you missed a spot.


jimsulliv3 said...

Happy Nurse's week. By the way, do you happen to have the time?


lanurseprn said...

I LOVE your old clocks! They really are treasures! Very beautiful!

Congrats on your raise...and Happy Nurses Week! We didn't get a raise...but we got a nice Jacket from Disney. It is a NICE one and has Disney Guest Health with our name embroidered on it. We all were surprised.

Take care of yourself. Watch that back. I don't know how you are still able to work on the hospital floor to be honest.

madcobug said...

Happy Nurses Week! You do good if you can get that unit on your lower back. I couldn't even get that in place right. I love all those clocks. They are all beautiful. Helen

kirkbyj05 said...

Happy Nurse's Week Julie.
I have read back on a few of your entries and love the flower photos so much!  Your clocks are wonderful too.  I like them all.
As for Rick's new hairstyle?  It must be like having a new man in the house.   Lol!
It sounds as though you had one heck of a night at work.  NOt being able to take a break or get off your feet.  You deserve a fortune for the job you do.  NOt just a raise.
Take care of your back.  Loved the Guinea pig photo.  It looks just like one we had for our children.  They had one each.  Patch and Scratch.  Bless them...they do make a lovely squeaky noise...don't they?

Jeanie xxx

rbrown6172 said...

happy nurses week to you, too!!  lovely old clocks.

coelha said...

Happy Nurses' Week!!  Nurses are angels in disguise!  O:) Julie

cacklinrosie101 said...

I think nurses' deserve huge payment.  Many of my friends are nurses and work harder than anyone else plus nurses seems to know so much more than the doctor's do.  Love those clocks!  I'm such a sucker for old clocks also.  You have some beauties!  Chris

ukgal36 said...

happy nurses week to you!
Love the Gilbert clock

lisita15 said...

OH I love the fireplace clock!!! that is way cool!!!! Lisa