Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hello Everyone

       Just got done with day 2 of my stretch.  So far so good.    I had great patients and really enjoyed them.  Did a short dance with on man when we got him out of bed.
Much better then the last night I worked that messed me up so bad.

        The TEN's unit is giving me some relief.  Takes the sharp take your breath away pain away so its a good thing.  I have been doing my exercises and taking it slow.  No more painting.  I have been planting some coleus in different varieties, this one is the mound one.  It looks like a colorful round bush when bigger.  Should be so pretty.

   And my usual flowers.

        Slowly my yard is looking better.  I love it like this.  We have been getting thunderstorms for the past couple of days so sleeping has been great also.

          Speaking of sleeping its time for me to turn in.  take care all.


madcobug said...

I am glad the ten's unit helps you. Your flowers are beautiful and that tomato is a delight. Won't be long until you have some ripe tomatoes. I love that yellow and orange petunia. Have a great weekend. Helen

frankandmary said...

Only certain nurses do a short dance with a patient. :-) ~Mary

jimsulliv3 said...

I have been trying to remember the name "coleus" for a month. I always had a lot of plants and it was a hobby of mine. The other day, I was visting one of my lady friends and she was asking what the plant was and how to care for it.

I told her how to care for it, but Old Timer's disease did not allow me to name the plant. Rather than tell her that and ruin my reputation, I told her its name was "Cosita Colorado" which translated from Spanish means "a little redish thingy".

She's blonde, so it doesn't really hurt anything.


lanurseprn said...

I'm glad the TENS is offering you some relief and that you had a good week. Pretty photos!

inquestoftruth said...

I kinda wondered how the painting was going to affect you.     Glad something is taking the edge off for you.
Lovely flowers and coleus.

idlethoughts4me said...


I love those tomatoes. Beautiful flowers!