Sunday, June 1, 2008

The almost finished house.

      I thought I would show the almost finished house.  Not finished because I know he will decorate the way he wants.  We just set the furniture so we could get an idea.  I think it looks pretty good.  Personally I would have used a satin finish instead of a semi gloss but that would be my choice.  Anyway.  Here is the living room before and after.

      The kitchen

      I like the way the archway turned out.

     The upstairs bedroom is being painted.  I like the color.

        We didn't get a ride or photo shoot in today.  What did I do?   Look for a new van.  I found a couple I really like.  So pretty.  Now to talk them down in price and test drive them.  We also went to some flea markets and just lazed around.  Feels good to just be lazy.  Tonight I am watching a movie.  We have bad weather again all around us but not here yet.  What a spring we are having.

       Take care all.


nightmaremom said...

looks very good...   bet he is happy

rbrown6172 said...

you all have done a wonderful job.  i'm sure he'll be very happy.

madcobug said...

Everything is looking good Julie. He should be very proud of his first home. Helen

candlejmr said...

Everything looks WONDERFUL....and there is so much family history there....

It's awesome....


idlethoughts4me said...

The house looks GREAT!!!  So homey and comfortable looking!  Like a breath of fresh air!  Many years of happy times for your son in that house!!

jimsulliv3 said...

It turned real well, Jules !