Monday, May 26, 2008

Nothing like a day off.

      When asked what it is about my job I like I usually say the 7 days off, and its true to an extent.  I live for my long stretch off.  However I do love my job.

       I had to orientate a nurse the other day.  Just to make it interesting I took a stupid pill and had trouble answering the most simple of questions the entire night.  Man.... just went blank every time.  Its not that I don't know it... I do, its just she would thrown them at me out of the blue while my mind was miles away in the other direction.  What a impression I made, LOL.  Thank goodness I can do my job without actually being able to articulate what I am doing.

        Anyway so here I am with a day off.  2 more to go.   Reading the weather I had visions of a bike ride later today when I got up but storms are once again rolling through town.  Makes for great sleeping, but bad riding.  The trip is getting closer and closer and I am far behind in my training.  Being the smart nurse I am...really.....just don't ask me any questions, LOL, I do know better then to ride a metal object in a lighting storm.

     I could sit at this desk and study.  I am doing some reading about quantum physics which is a subject I really love.  I used to sit in on some classes at the local college when my old teacher taught.  Trying to understand the wave structure of matter in light and matter.  I can understand the concept, but the math has me lost.  Why wasn't I born with a clever mind.  Sigh. Anyway it keeps me puzzled and occupied for the times I can't get out and about and have no good book around to waste away the hours.

    Well, time to go get some shut eye.  I hope we get good weather for when I wake up.  Outside the window a turkey just wandered by.  The woods are green.  The birds are singing.  It is hard to sleep through it all.


jimsulliv3 said...

Don't fret, I've had "daze" when I nearly overdosed on stupid pills. Just smile and try to look important.


coelha said...

Yay!!  I'm all for 3 day weekends!!  I hope you have a great week!  :)  Julie

lanurseprn said...

I always found that was the hardest thing about teaching a new have to DO what you do....and TELL them what you are doing at the same time. It is tougher than it sounds.
I think you DO have a clever brain!