Saturday, May 17, 2008

before and after pics

   We have the dining room finished.  Dan isn't going to use it as a dining room though.  It will be his media and game room.  The color looks startling at first but really is pretty with the furniture in it and it changes colors during different times of the day.  Its a very warm comforting room at night.

         Next they start on the living room.  I can't wait to see it.   Yesterday and today I worked on his bedroom.  We weren't going to paint his bedroom but I made a small mistake and had to.

      My in laws had painted everything antique white.  So I have been going around touching up areas that we had filled cracks and nail holes on.  I painted some area's in Dans room and didn't realize until it dried that it wasn't the same paint.  What!  You can see the smears on the wall in this shot.  One was a flat and I just painted it semi glossy.  So I told him I would fix it. 

So then I had to try and match it.  I bought a satin antique white and slapped it on.  What!  It was whiter.

    Darn.  Dan works night like I do and wasn't happy about how light the room was to start with.  Now it was even whiter.   So I called him and told him I found a nice color and would paint the room.  Fine.  Run to the store and start painting.  OMG.  It looked terrible.

    Definately darker and not at all how it had looked like in the store.  Man what to do. 

   There was nothing I could do but keep painting and hope a couple of coats would make it look better.  I also decided not to paint all the walls, just 2 walls and make the other 2 walls much lighter.  So on I went, painting away and wondering if Dan was ever going to forgive me. 

    All of a sudden there is a knock on the door.  I open it a crack and there is Dan.  He woke up early and came over to see how great his room looks.  Hummmmm.  I opened it and told him in honor of him being a milk man I made his room chocolate milk colored.   Mom....."did you just paint my room dark brown"?  Well...... that went over well.  However.  By the time the 2nd coat dried it was looking much better.  Still dark but better.

      It is actually a pretty color.  And you have to admit.  It will make sleeping during the day easier.  Today we went and got a much lighter color to compliment the other 2 walls and painted them.  It looks nice.  We are trying to decide if we should do the trim in the opposite colors.  The window and porch door dark brown and the door and closet the lighter color.  Picture a cream on your coffee.  I will get pictures tomorrow to show the finished product.

   So the room got painted after all.  To brighten it up a colorful comforter would really look good.  And he forgave me.  He really likes it now.

   So that was my day.  Yup, back to painting.  He did all the trim work and climbing on the ladders.  Its coming along.  We also almost have the kitchen finished.

    Its all painted, now to finish the windowtrim and clean up.


rbrown6172 said...

it's really shaping up, and i think the colors are great.  :)

lanurseprn said...

I like the colors. That brown looks more like a tan to me. I like it.
Have a good night.

madcobug said...

Makes me think of the time my daughter wanted to paint our hall. I told her a very light sand color and she wanted it to have more a rosy color so she ended up with what looks like almost a mauve color.(she doesn't like the color either) I would still love to have a light sand color. One bedroom was supposed to be a lightly tinged pink but turned out to be a darker pink. Why can't colors turn out the color it shows it will be. I think the chocolate will look good with one wall lighter. Should be easier on the eyes trying to sleep. I think of of his will look good when you get finished with it. Helen

springangel235 said...

Lot's of work done...things are shaping up.  Take care...have a nice week...

lisita15 said...

Look at that pretty color !!!! BUT if I had a dinning room, I'd defintely use it as a dinning room!!!! LOL... but that's because we use our garage as a gamming room!!! You poor thing with the other color though.... but I'm sure it will look great once you guys are done!!! alot of work though... Lisa

idlethoughts4me said...

I LOVE the bedroom color!!  It's such a peaceful color!  Good Job, Julie!  

jlocorriere05 said...

I love Dan's bedroom wall colour, it's the exact colour of my living room! The sand colour is the same as my hallway! The house is looking beautiful now, all your hard work is paying off. Jeannette xx  

inquestoftruth said...

Well, I think the "dark room" turned out pretty well....and I like having the two colors.      The house is really shaping up, isn't it?     Wanna come paint mine?