Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More Bad Poetry

I ate a chocolate I know not why
It planted its bad self, on my thigh.

And heavens forbid it try to escape
I ate another to give it a mate.

When my husband glanced at me I said What!
Don't you think these look wonderful right next to my Butt?

Now on the exercise machine I am working it off
Not for long some of you scoff

because most of you know me and I've been known to cheat
for me to keep weight off is quite the feat

But all I can say, loud and clear
I don't do it often because of that darn full length mirror.

:Another Bad Poem by Julie when she couldn't sleep


carolelainedodd said...


rdautumnsage said...

Thanks for the smile hon! (Hugs) Indigo

kirkbyj05 said...

Get rid of the mirror!   Lol!   Grab the chocolates and run>>>>>>>>woooohooo!
Only joking....had a look inthe mirror myself today...I didn't know that wee fat person at all.
Back to my porridge diet..xx

bgoulet30 said...

love it ! and its so true...lol   Barb