Sunday, January 20, 2008


     Work was incredibly busy last night.   The call lights went off all night, we were having a blue light special on low blood pressures and slow heart rates and the confused patients decided to throw into the mix with their own special blend of fun.   My feet are killing me and I am more then ready for bed.  One more night to go.  If it is like it was tonight I might keel over.

    The weather remains in the - degrees and the weatherman, not our friend this week, is calling for snow.  I even am making Zoey wear her sweater.   She loves the snow and can tolerate some chill but this is too cold even for her.  I feel so sorry for the pets who have to stay outside in a kennel all the time.  Why do people even have dogs if they leave them out there day after day.  In weather like this it is just cruel.  Sigh.

     Great news when I got home.  I sold 4 teapots in my shop.  Sales have been slow so that was great.  I am having a Valentine's day sale which helped.

    Well, bedtime.   Night all.  Or good morning in most cases.

    Oh is anyone else having trouble getting their entries in?  I am having a terrible time.   My entried either don't load or I have to push refresh a dozen times.  Is it my computer or AOL?


rbrown6172 said...

i think it's maddening!!  i haven't made an entry in a few days, but i'm having trouble with some journals opening completely for me....some are so slow, or pictures won't show!  aol has really gone downhill!  hope you rest well.  maybe tonight will be better.  we've had our coldest got down to 14 degrees last night!  cold enough for me.  lol

madcobug said...

I have to hit refresh when I am pulling up a journal. If I hit the main entry it does better than if I hit the daily subject entry. I can understand putting a sweater on Zoey. That kind of weather is not fit for a person or beast to be out in. Helen

lanurseprn said...

I've been having trouble opening journals, too. I'll get a blank page and have to hit refresh. Also, photobucket is acting up again.
This was a cute graphic of the tired girl. You MUST be tired LOL!
Get some sleep...and have a good night at work.

kirkbyj05 said...

Bless you!   You must be so tired Julie.  I wish I lived nearer so that I could help make your life easier.
Well done with your teapots!
I loved the graphic above....poor little angel!  She is as tired as you sound.
The symptoms you are getting with your AOL are similar to the frustrating ones I was experiencing up until just after Christmas when AOL up-dated my service and pages to their new Server.  It was frustrating for such a long time as I was getting disconnections and blank pages etc, but once they download the new system it runs almost normally just more slowly because of all the adverts etc.
You will just have to bid your time until they make the changes I fear.ove

It does sound sooo cold your way.  And yes...those poor animals who are left outside.  These folks should not be allowed pets.
Hope you have a better night at work this time.

Lots of love
Jeanie xxxx

jckfrstross said...

have a good week:)


rdautumnsage said...

I think it's AOL, I've heard a few people complaining of the same. I keep an old towel on the heat register near the door , so when I bring Pickles in I can immediately dry her off and warm her up. It helps to wipe her paws down too. I don't think people realize they get ice and snow embedded in their pads and it hurts. Hope tonight was a little easier night for you with work hon! Congrats on selling the teapots. (Hugs)Indigo

inquestoftruth said...

After I d/l the new version of AOL, I noticed lots of (bad) changes.    Over the last week or two, it's gotten better, but I never did have much trouble with posting.   Oh wait a minute....I haven't posted very much,  have I?   lol

springangel235 said...

Sorry you were exhausted, but great news on the sale of tea nice!!
Hope your week is slower...and you get some rest...hugs and love,