Friday, January 4, 2008

Long days.

              I am already tired of the snow so some pictures of my flowers from this year are called for.  Something to look forward too.

             Another long day.   I spent all day yesterday listing items from my MIL's estate in my store and answering questions about some Skookum dolls I am selling.  Today it was back over their going through things and tossing old cards.   We haven't gotten any help from my BIL and today I hauled down a bag to but in the garbage.  He was laying on the couch and insisted on going through the items before I tossed them.  I told him if he was up there helping us he would know what was in the bag already.  Garbage goes out tonight so I hope he gets it done.  I figure if we get most of the personal items gone and things everyone wants to keep sorted the auctioneer can have it on the rest of the items.

    Check out her beautiful table.  Man I wish my house was big enough for it.  It was her Mom's and we sure hate to part with it.  My house is small though.

           Below is a picture of Ricks uncle.  He helped build roads in the Black Hills back in 1918.  We are either going to donate this to a museum or get it framed and hang it.  I would like to keep it.   I love the bead work on the indian's clothes.  Imagine the hours it took to do that.  So pretty.



             I go to work tonight.  I am hoping for a nap as I am tired.   These 16 hours days are getting me done in.   It still seems so strange and awful to be going through my MIL's things.  Wish she was here to help me and explain some of the things we have found.   I miss her terribly.

          The caucus is over and I haven't gotten a single phone call today.  How nice that it.  They were good about interrupting our supper about 3 times a minute.  Now they can go bug some other state.


            Well, time to go get my laundry in before I work.  Rick is making supper.  I am sure it isn't on my diet but today who cares.  I am too tired to think about it.  Hope you all enjoyed the flowers.


lanurseprn said...

I love that dining set~! Man...I'd put in in my house if I could! That's furniture that will never wear out!
And the old picture with the Indians is very cool. I hope you keep it.

madcobug said...

That table is beautiful. Wish you had room for it. It would be hard to put those old pictures in a museum. I wonder what tribe of Indians those were. My gggrandmother was a Creek. Your flowers does bring a ray of sunshine. Helen

erarein63 said...

Love the dining set.  Your MIL was/is a very special person.  She must have loved you very much as I can tell you have loved her as well.  Time for BIL to get kicked to the curb w/the trash!  Oh I would donate the pictures and letters to a musuem, I'm sure the city/state would be very interested in such historical documentation.  And I bet they have someone who could transcrib the Danish.  I worked last night, will again tonight and tomorrow.  Have a good night!  De ;)

cacklinrosie101 said...

Wow, what a gorgeous table that is!  I have an old one that my dad refinished for me years ago.'s a Sears and Roebuck from around 1919.  Love the photo also.  You are probably better off that BIL is parked on the couch.  He sounds like he would be a royal pain, as always.  Love your flowers...I'm definitely trying to think spring.  Chris

carolelainedodd said...

That is a beautiful table. Pictures are too.
Take care