Thursday, January 17, 2008

Back to work

              And I am actually looking forward to it.  It seems like forever since I worked since I was ill last week.  I sure hope I stay healthy for a few months.  I have been drinking a ton of Oolong tea, suppose to be good for you.  Well it tastes good anyway.

            The weather here is brutal.  8 degrees and falling and suppose to be like this for the next couple of weeks.  My heating bills will go through the roof.   I usually wear long underwear and layers of clothes and keep the heat down to 65.  I have lap blankets all over and we just bundle up.

          I spend the last 2 days working at least 10 to 16 hours a day taking photos of my MIL's things we are selling and then editing the pictures, cropping etc.... Listing them in the shop and researching them, writing descriptions and on and on.  It is so time consuming.  My shoulders and back aches from being huddled over this darn keyboard.  Today, I am taking the day off since I work tonight.   Bubble bath here I come.

         Anything I can't sell in the next few months I will drag back to my MIL's and have it sold at auction.  Eventually we will get this done.  Rick has strict instructions to work at her house everyday I am sleeping.  We are almost done getting all the paperwork shredded and personal items thrown out. 

      Word of warning.  We ran across things I am sure neither of my in-laws would have wanted us to see.  Personal to them ya know.  If you have things buried deep in your closet you don't want anyone to see I suggest disposing of them now.  I know I have.

    Well a hot soak is calling my name.   Take care all.


ukgal36 said...

that's exactly what i was talking about!!!...
have a good shift at work..

kirkbyj05 said...

Getting back to work will help you to feel normal again.  It always good to have a predictable routine, even if the work is hard.
So glad Rick is sorting things out too.  
Our weather is heavy rains and hailstones with snow on the high ground.  We expected frost last night but it never came.
Thank goodness for fleecy throws to wrap up in when its cold outside and chilly and draughty indoors too.
Stay clear of any more bugs that are doing the have had more than your fair share already.
Roll on Spring..............x

Hugs and love
Jeanie  xxxxxx

coelha said...

Oh gosh...  You came across things they didn't want you to see?  Eeek...  How embarrassing!!  LOL..    Your poor MIL probably forgot all about it!  Eeek!!  Work is good--keeps you sane, and back on routine..  Take care!  Julie

rbrown6172 said...

doesn't sound like you've really had any off days.  hopefully, rick will continue on as instructed.  i can't imagine having to deal with that kind of cold!!  nor do i want to.  lol  good piece of advice at the end many things too many of us never think of.  hope you have good days at work.

lanurseprn said...

I disposed of some personal things years ago. When my Mom died, I thought of that. I had some things I just did NOT want my son to find! They were some old letters from old boyfriends. YIKES! LOL!
I hope work goes well for you. You've sure been busy, I don't know how you find time to work.

jckfrstross said...

have a good evening:)


jimsulliv3 said...

Sorry about having to return to work, but it's a necessary evil. Good point on hidden agenda, one never knows.


springangel235 said...

Hope your weather warms up some...that is COLD.  I found some things my Mom was sure she didn't want me to see.  It happens...and we move on.  I didn't know a lot about my Mom until she died..and all came out.  Have a beautiful weekend...hugs and love,