Wednesday, January 30, 2008


       Its below Zero today and I sure could tell when I dragged my sleepy self out from under the covers.  I have been keeping the thermostat at 67 and may have to back down and raise is slightly.  Or get the long johns on. 

       Now if you have never worn long johns you probably won't understand, but I hate dressing in layers.  Maybe because I am overweight or maybe they are uncomfortable even if your thin.  

    I have the thinsolate type long johns,  but still it hampers my movements.  I hate dressing in winter.  Long johns, wool socks, sweaters, wristies, gloves, scarf, wool coat, hat, boots.......  20 pounds heavier when dressed,  I am ready to stomp outdoors in all my glory.

     This is how sexy I looked yesterday by the way for the sexy grey haired man, LOL.  Not a drop of makeup, I rarely wear it, hair flattened to my skull from my hat.  Nose dripping from the cold.   What I love about Rick is he thinks I look cute.  My true sexy gray haired older man.

      We watched King of California last night, funny movie.  Today I have no plans.  Well maybe I will finally do the ebay listing.  I  didn't do it yesterday and today I get a notice that they are lowering their prices.  How wonderful.  For once my procrastination worked out.  I even got some housework done yesterday.  Some.

      Well, I guess I will get busy, stay warm and dry all.


P.S.  Thank you Jeanie for the link for the aboves graphics,  I love the site and your photo's were great.  You are a wonderful friend.


jeanno43 said...

I hate layered clothing as well but as I do not go out much it is not really a problem.  When I do go out I just put up with the cold but then it is probably colder where you are than it is here.

coelha said...

I'm going to stop complaining how it's only going to get up to 52 degrees today.  After reading how you have to put up with much colder weather, I feel quite ashamed!  LOL...  Take care--keep warm!  Julie :)

kirkbyj05 said...

I just have to wear my thermals. top and bottom as I get cold so easily now.  What I dislike is getting all togged up ready to go out in the cold and I then have a hot flash and I have to hurriedly peel off layers so that I can cool down again.  I have almost writhed my clothes off in front of our front window and exposed myself to all and sundry as it can come on so suddenly.  What a life it is...hahahahaha!  If you didn't'd cry.
I would not be able to survive on 67degrees our room is comfortable on 70.
Your welcome re the links.  If anyone else is interested pass it on or they can e-mail me and I will give them the link.  Sal loves searching and researching for us all.
Jeanie xxx

springangel235 said...

Well, that sure is cold.  We have cold coming back to our area, but nothing like that.  Hope you stay warm.  I am not much on the layer heavy sweater and a coat when I go out...but in those temps you have I would have to think twice about it.   Hope your weather warms up  soon...enjoy Ebay!
Hugs and love,

xxroxymamaxx said...

Oh I hate to have to put on all those clothes in the winter too!!  Luckily we have had a pretty mild winter here in Florida this year but it does get pretty darn cold sometimes.  Stay well and GBU!! Shelly

linnpooh said...

We were part of that nasty blizzard sliding through the country, too! Get this....on Tuesday, it was 52 degrees and almost all the snow was gone, is 7 degrees actual, and 18 below wind chill!! First we had massive thunderstorms last night where the wind felt like it was going to take the roof off. Then we got 8 inches of blowing & drifting snow, and we had flash freezing rain for about two hours this morning, so everything was like an ice rink. NASTY!!!!
Stay warm and enjoy your movies....that's the best place to stay during this crap!

Pooh Hugs,

lanurseprn said...

Stay warm!!

rdautumnsage said...

I love bundling up! For some reason the guys always like woman who look like for me anyway (winks)....(Hugs) Indigo