Sunday, January 6, 2008

Day off

     Mama deer is giving work the raspberry for me.  I am off work tonight.  Got low census and I am extremely happy about it as I am in agony.  Not sure if I have pleurisy or its my back again.  Started out feeling like pain in my lower left lung in the back but now the back is so painful I can't tell exactly where it is coming from.  Reminds me of the last time I had pneumonia.  But I don't feel sick.  So anyway I was grateful I got to take the last 8 hours off.  Pain pills here I come.

    Work has been pretty good this weekend.  I had some great patients and the nights went fast.  Love that.  I am off tomorrow and besides the doctor have no plans.  Not sure if I will go to my MIL's to work as I am ticked at spending every day off working all day and then finding out no one does a thing when I am at work.  I am not doing the entire house myself.  Whoops, this belongs in my rant journal, LOL.

      I have found someone to give all the quilting supplies to.  She is even interested in the quilts my MIL hadn't finished.  I know I could sell them but think my MIL would be happy they are going to someone who loves to quilt.  Since I am doing all the work I think this will be my call.

     I might have a new home for the cat.  This is really getting desperate for the poor kitty.  She just follows us around the entire time we are there begging for petting.  She is moving over her on Thursday if I can't find her a home by then.  Poor cat, her whole world has been turned upside down.

     Bad weather coming.  California is sending it this way but it turns to snow by the time it gets here.  Can you even imagine 11 feet like some area's got?  Not me.

    Tomorrow I see my hand Doctor.  I am not sure if I will schedule surgery yet or not.  I know it needs to be done but I hate to do it quite yet when I have so much to do yet at the house.  What a decision.

     Well, take care all.   My pain medication is kicking in and I get so I type really bad when I take those.  I am glad to have them for these really bad days those.

   Bye all, me and the baby are calling it a night.  Oh, I contacted a museum to see if they wanted the photo and a old pipe from the same time.  We decided it was a part of history that we wanted to share.  I will keep you posted if they want it.  If they don't then I will frame it and keep it.


madcobug said...

I sorry that you are hurting Julie. I think maybe you should have the pain in your back checked out. Here I am advising a nurse what to do. I love your deer pictures. That is a mighty long tongue on that mama. Hope you feel better soon and take it easy on the sorting of that house. Give yourself time to get well. Poor kitty doesn't know what has happened. Helen

radar446 said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon.  It is no fun to hurt...none at all.


carolelainedodd said...

I think you need to get someone to take a look at you.  That's great to find someone who would appreciate all the quilting stuff.  Can't you keep the cat????  It's a shame for her.
Hope everything works out for you.
And take care of that pain, won't you.

jeanno43 said...

Sorry you are a pain.  Have you pulled a muscle?  That can be so painful.  Love the picture of the deer.

rbrown6172 said...

i hope you go to the doctor today.  i am one that self medicates and puts off that doctor visit as long as possible, hoping whatever my ailment is will just go away, so i understand if you don't.  :) really sounds like you should.  hope you rested well.

frankandmary said...

Now I think having the surgery right now would force the men to take over the house. Necessity is the Mother of Invention & getting up off your as* & all that :-0.  Thanks for the kind comment on my drinking/weeping entry!

lanurseprn said...

You sound like you are overdoing things. Working at the hospital and working in MIL's house. Take a day for YOU! Otherwise, you'll get to resent it.
In my opinion, going through someone's things should be cherished. It should be enjoyed as much as possible because you learn about that person. Things you did not know while they were alive. And that keeps the story going and finishes it for you. Don't get to where you resent it. I came very close to resenting it when my Mom died. Then, I slowed it down and found I enjoyed it.

jimsulliv3 said...

Great entry - I ran deer pictures too, today. Was the deer at your house?