Sunday, September 21, 2008


         The above picture was from the Battle of Little Big Horn National Park at the Indian Memorial site.   Very cool sculpture.  Very thought provoking park.

         Well, we didn't go out of town this weekend after all.   I cleaned my basement out as it needed it and then last night we went to the roller derby.  We are sponsor's.  It is fun watching the girls out there skating away and now that I know how they score I can really get into it.  A couple of the woman on the team are from our hospital and I work with one of the players.  Heck, 30 years ago I would have loved to do it. I was always good on skates.  Now a days I would probably break if I got slammed down to the ground as often as these women do.  It was a fun night though.

     Now I am nervously awaiting Ricks return.  He is out for a motorcycle ride.  He always leaves early and never lets me know which way he is going.  The phone is still here so he can't call.  His bike is old, but he keeps it running very well.  I worry about the other people on the road.  So I always get a little tense until he gets home.  He has had 4 accidents and it was always the car's fault.  Remember his hit and run a couple of years ago?

     Anyway silly of me but I do just feel better when I hear him returning.  Today I am going to go get a plant for my planter Luke gave me for my birthday.  It is very pretty and I want a special plant to put in it.  My back is out so I am taking it easy today.  Don't ya just hate it when you do a little weeding and some cleaning in the basement and just doing that little bit causes your back to go out.  At least it could have been after doing something wildly fun like rafting down a raging river and a night of hot sex.  Not weeding.  Life is weird sometimes.

     Would you still believe I am going through pictures.  I decided to do a new journal of the vacation so Rick and I can remember it.  So I am writing it out and adding pictures.  Slow work.  When I am finished if anyone wants to read it and see the shots let me know.  Boring to most unless you were there.

    Well, guess I had better get busy doing things.  I am getting my outdoor plants ready to come in for the winter soon.  I think it might be a snowy cold one.  They are getting so huge it is difficult to find room for them indoors anymore.  My jade tree is huge as it the cactus.  And I have to get rid of the buggies that move into the soil during their outside time.  Don't want the buggies inside.

     Take care all.  Hopefully will get a bike ride in this evening.


karebear4x4 said...

Love the  photos especially the top one    it almost looks like a photo with a penciled drawing on it  i love how you captured it   great work   ...yeah tell Rick to keep watchin out for the other cars   i ride a motorcycle and i always have to watch the other guy   they're never lookin for us bikers   they royally piss me off to no ends at times   ...take care   have a great day of rest   hugz~kbear.....o yes,  i do want to see the new journal you're making with your photos  let me know when it's done:-)

candlejmr said...

What a beautiful picture that is.  About 10 years ago I decided (at the age of 38 or so) that I wanted to roller blade.  It's supposed to be GREAT exercise.  Who the hell was I kidding?  I break my ankle tripping over a curb!  So, I put the skates on and was o tense because I was afraid I would fall and break something and be in a cast for weeks.....I said the heck with it.  It's just not worth it to me.  But I WISH I had tried it back when I was in my teens!!!

I'm trying to take it easy today too, but I keep finding things to do.  And I refuse to look outside because I should be doing all that weeding, etc too, but I DON'T WANNA!!! (lol)


rbrown6172 said...

i've never been a skater and would certainly not attempt it at this age.  my back is like really bites getting older, doesn't it???  i would be interested in the other journal just to see your pix.  :)

cacklinrosie101 said...

LOL...Julie, if I were younger, I'd be joining you on that team.  I love, love roller skating.  I grew up a block from the skating rink and lived there.  I love roller derby also.  I understand how you feel about the motorcycle.  My son rides occasionally with a friend.  He will buy one when he gets a career but I do worry about the others out there driving around them.  Chris

radar446 said...

I'm sure that Rick will be home all safe and sound...hopefully he already is.  I would love to check out your vacation journal.  Knowing where you have been, I would love to see your "boring" pictures as they have all been wonderful so far.