Monday, August 18, 2008

A day off


        I am off work today and glad of it.  It wasn't a bad week at work but I have much to do and am running out of time to do it.

    I will sleep until around 2:30 and then get some shopping done.   Hopefully they will call to say they got the hitch and can install it.  They we have to get a adapter for our bike rack.   I need to get food on hand for Zoey and Chester.  Need to get some energy gel for riding.  Wash and iron some clothes, clean the house, give detailed instructions to both kids plus emergency numbers where they can reach us.

      Clean out the van, clean out the fridge.  Plan a menu.  Etc..... etc....  I want to get some pepper spray as they have had some mountain lions around.   Don't want them chasing me on my bike but that should would motivating me to get up that hill, LOL.

      Sounds like a awful amount of work for a vacation.  It also doesn't look like my camera parts will be by then, sigh.  I want to go to the library and get a good book to read and some good wine to sit out and stare at the stars with the man I love.

     The last time I was at the Black Hills was with my in-laws.  It was our last trip.  My father in law was already sick and didn't live much longer.  I wish they were going with us again as we had so much fun and I miss them.

     Well, I am drifting here.   Time to get to bed.  2 more nights of work to go.  I just might make it.


karebear4x4 said...

glad you got a day off, but wow what a lot to do  anxious for your trip so you can truly have your r & r....kbear

coelha said...

I hope you are able to do everything you plan on doing today!  Enjoy your day off!  Julie

lanurseprn said...

When I took my son on vacation to Mammoth I couldn't believe how much prep work there was. It's WORK to go on a trip! LOL! But, once you are there and on that trail it will be totally worth all of it.
I sure hope you don't enounter a mountain lion!! EEEEKKKKSSSS!!!  But, if you do .....snap a pic, ok? <smile>

rbrown6172 said...

i guess this trip to the black hills will bring back bittersweet memories, but i'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.  hopefully, you will not have to use the pepper spray, but i was much of an adrenalin junkie are you??  lol  i can definitely live without it!  love the parrot poster.

linnpooh said...

Sorry your in laws aren't with you, but maybe you could take along some wildflower seeds and scatter them in an area where you enjoyed a good time. That would be a lasting tribute to the wonderful hours spent there with them.
Mountain Lions???? OMG Julie......BECAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh great, now I'm gonna worry about you :)

Just a few more days!

Love & Pooh Hugs,