Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Good Morning

    How would you like to catch that monster rainbow trout on your fly?

        Today is going to be spent unpacking, grocery shopping and cleaning house.   My sons did a great job taking care of things and we could not have done this trip without them but deep house cleaning obviously is not their strong points, LOL.  Thats OK.  I am just happy they were so helpful.

      Poor Dan moved back in to take care of things.  Some Obama supporters stopped over to talk.   Dan politely told them he wasn't interested in voting for Obama and told them why when they asked.  The got more and more heated and started calling him a racist and other names.  Dan isn't, just doesn't believe in his politics and couldn't believe they were knocking on his door and then attacking him for his viewpoints.  So much for a open discussion.   I would have slammed the door on them. 

    Today they are delivery our tiles.  Yup, we are finally getting our roof.  They will be here tomorrow and had better be done by Thursday night because I need to sleep Friday.  Figures they would come now.

     I have hundreds of pictures to go through.  I couldn't get my laptop to work at any motel so I could go online but it did work great to store my pictures.  So now I have to transfer them to a on-line site and CD and then see if any look wonderful.  I had Rick use the Soni and he got some great shots.   A million times I wished I had a good zoom lens on my Canon and Rick actually got better shots on the Soni then I did on the Canon.  Also turned out my new battery wasn't any good so I was down to one.   70 dollars and it didn't work.  So I have to return that one.
    Zoey is very happy to see us and very clingy.   I wish she was the type of dog we could have brought with us.  She would have loved it.  However being a scent dog she doesn't walk well on the leash,  Zig and zag smelling this right and left she would have run right off the canyon smelling something.  Plus she is not doing so well these days.  But she is happy we are here and we are happy to see her.

   Well enough of a break.   I have a house to clean.  Darn.  Vacation is over.

    Oh, on my near fatal asthma attack.  It came on our 2nd bike ride.  We did 25 miles and the first 8 miles was uphill.  Then we drove down to the first tunnel.  It was steep going down and when we turned to go us I started to have trouble catching my breath.  Which turned into a full blown asthma attack like I have never had.  I couldn't talk the my airway got more and more restricted.  You could hear it squeaking to get in.  They call it strider and I had it big time.  I could feel my throat close off .    I couldn't breath to inhale my inhaler so just squirted it in my mouth and prayed.  We were out in the sticks, no phone service and I was starting to black out.  I knew I would die if I didn't get my breath and that is probably how people die from their asthma.

   The medicine must have worked slight because my throat started to relax and I was able to get a good puff on the inhaler.  My chest hurt like mad and my ears were roaring.  I still couldn't talk and every time I tried to get a deep breath I would have a coughing fit.  I was scared to death.  And I had a 5 mile, 4 percent grade hill to climb before we hit the downhill.

     I rested and tried to ride but I just didn't have the air.  So we both walked and rested all the way up.  Thank goodness my legs are strong even if my lungs are shot.  At the top it was pure joy to get on my bike and coast all the way into Hall City without having to pedal.  I am still having problems here 2 weeks later.  My lungs gave me problems the rest of the trip.  Every mountain had me wheezing and short of breath and my chest hurt for a week.  It didn't stop me from hiking but our bike rides were over.  I was very very disappointed but I tell ya, happy to be alive.


karebear4x4 said...

Great photos!  don't work too hard at the house before returning to work...hugz~kbear

jimsulliv3 said...

The pictures are very clear. How long was that trout?


madcobug said...

I am glad that you overcome that attack. I know that was really scary for you and for Rick also. Your pictures are great. Thank goodness no one has come knocking at our door about the Presidential election. Those people should have been turned in for harassment. Thanks for sharing your photos with us. Helen

inquestoftruth said...

Yeah, the thin mountain air is terrible on asthmatics, isn't it?   It's very easy to hyperventilate, too.    I'm glad that you survived that, my word, you must have been terrified   (((((Julie)))))
I just hate it when folks pull the race card.   I'm going to have to end this comment now before I get on my soapbox.

rbrown6172 said...

my that was a severe asthma attack!!  i'm just glad you had the inhaler and it helped enough so that you could use it properly.  thankfully, not everyone is as harsh as those folks talking to your son and realize that we can disagree without being disagreeable.  i've been on vacation, too....and have over 1000 pix to go thru when i get home...kinda overwhelming, huh??  :)

springangel235 said...

Wow, that was a whopper of a trout...good catch!
Beautiful bird...too.
You have so much on your agenda...take your time after what I read and that attack it worried me so much...so happy you are feeling better.   Take it slow. .......hugs and love...

coelha said...

OH gosh...  Scary!!  I'm sorry you had to go through such a bad attack!  Good thing you had your inhaler!  Eeek!!  I hate it when people assume you must be racist if you choose not to vote for Obama!  Take good care, and happy cleaning!  Julie

rdautumnsage said...

Although I don't have Asthma, I do have Emphesema and can totally understand how scary an attack like that would be. Glad your ok now. I imagine Zoey is going to remind you for quite some time you were gone. (Hugs)Indigo