Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'll Live to ride again

       I thought this picture of Rick turned out so strange.  It looks like the type of fake background they use in portraits.  It is however the real thing,  He looks cute though.

      Had my doctor appointment.  Surprisenly my lung function isn't much worse then it was.  My lungs are just inflamed.   Get me back on my medication, and take like I am suppose to and I should be good to go.  I have to take a steroid inhaler for a month which doesn't make me happy but I do want to be breathing better.   He was very nice and didn't lecture me about going off my meds.  They say every patient does it at least once and usually one bad attack is all it takes to get them to be good little patients again.

    Now I am going back to bed.  My back is seriously out and I didn't sleep much because of the pain.  I want to try and get a few more hours in as I have to work tonight.  I am going to put my ten's unit on and sleep away.  So Night all.


kirkbyj05 said...

Your Rick sure is a handsome 'critter'!   Lol!
I love that photo and the background is awesome!
Glad your lungs aren't too damaged...thank you God!
That reminds me about taking my asthma medication...it's so easy to forget when you feel good...isn't it?
Drat that back of yours!  I wish it would leave you alone...have a nice sleep.
Jeanie xxx

madcobug said...

That is a great pic of Rick. I hope your meds take effect soon and that your back gets better also. Helen

rbrown6172 said...

ya know....i've heard it said that nurses make terrible patients.  lol  though working in dialysis for all these years, i have seen some pretty noncompliant folks!  i suspect i would be right there with them.  oh well...follow the doc's instructions and get well!!  :)

radar446 said...

I think the portrait looks good.  Having the subdued negative space behind Rick turned out quite well, and draws the attention right to Rick.  What makes it look odd is the defined trees to the right.  There was really no way to avoid that, and does provide a bit of balance to the image.  I think it turned out quite well.


coelha said...

That's a beautiful picture!  :)  Julie