Friday, August 22, 2008

Bye all

   Well, its early morning.  We are finishing up the packing.  Sipping some coffee.  Watching Zoey pout because she does know we are leaving I swear.  She just lays there with her face down and follows us with her eyes.   OK dog.  Make us feel guilty, LOL.  In fact right now she just crawled under the bed and only her back feet are poking out.

    Chester however acts like he has no clue.  Busy begging he has one thing and one thing only on his mind.  Breakfast.  To have it so simple.

   True to tradition Rick is busy this morning packing his clothes.  True to tradition I was packed last night.  I slept like a lamb until 6,  Rick got up at 4 am.  I feel fresh and ready to go.  Rick....well Rick looks tired.  giggle.

   The weather is going to be a combo.  Cool in the evening, even cold some evenings, but in the 70s to 80 during the day.  So we have to bring both sets of clothes.  I will have Rick bring the saddle bags for the bikes so we can store the extra coats etc if it gets warmer when we ride.  We probably won't hit the trail until Sunday.

   Tonight we are eating at the Firehouse Brewery in Rapid City.  We are spending the night there and then on the cabin in the morning.

   Well, its time to start loading the van.  Can we say excited.  YES we can.

   Last I was looking up some witty travelers prayer to leave as a ending.  Some were pretty bleak,  Please dear lord don't let us crash and burn up in a horrible way I beseech thee blah blah.  Oh my goodness, that sets the mood doesn't it.  Instead I leave this travelers prayer from my heart..

    Dear Lord.  Thanks.  For all that I will see, for all that I will do.  For the means to do it..


venus905 said...

I wanna go with you!!!

Have a WONDERFUL, relaxing vacation!  Can't wait to see your 2,000+ pictures.

Estela in South TX

madcobug said...

Poor Zoey. She is going to be ok though. Have a nice safe trip. Helen

candlejmr said...

Have a wonderful time and leave those dreadful prayers at home!


idlethoughts4me said...

HAVE A GREAT TIME, JULIE!!!  Looking forward to seeing all those wonderful pictures you will take!!!   Be safe!!!  --Dottie

lanurseprn said...

Have a GREAT time!!!

jkunesch said...

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rdautumnsage said...

Have a grand time hon! Zoey is too adorable with her antics. Pickles does the same thing when she gets upset, she puts herself to bed in upstairs too. (Hugs)Indigo

bgilmore725 said...

Congratulations on winning the Captions contest! And I hope you have a wonderful trip!! See you when you get back. Be safe. bea

linnpooh said...

Hope you are wll on your way to having a wonderful time by now. I know how long you have waited....I hope the weather holds up.

Love & Pooh Hugs,

carrotlife said...

Julie- i hope by now you are off and having a WONDERFUL all deserve this right now! here's to safe traveling and fun times :)