Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Last night of work

       Last night was a good night.  I was charge so the night just flew by.  One more to go.  I am excited.

      Yesterday I spent cleaning house and doing laundry.  I have everything pretty organized so I can throw it all together when we do pack.  Still no hitch.  We are now looking at the unpleasant prospect of putting the bikes in the back of the van.  I have light beige carpet and will have to put a blanket down.  I don't want grease on it.  We still have today and tomorrow for it to get here.  They said it will only take a hour to get it on so keep your fingers crossed.

     I am trying not to stress about Zoey.  I know Dan will take good care of her along with Luke.  I almost wish we had boarded her though.  Hopefully it will work out fine.

     I read in the Rapid City news that bikers should be careful about the rattlesnake on the trails.  Great.  First maybe mountain lions, now rattle snakes.  What next, black widow spiders!  Yikes.

    Tomorrow we have to get our energy jells and Rick is borrowing some bike shorts from our son.  He has resisted getting bike shorts but it really helps on a long trip.

     The weather is suppose to perfect for riding.  Mid 70's.  Not too hot.  I can't wait to be on the trail.  I am bringing my laptop but don't think I will be able to get wireless so you probably won't hear from me until I get back.  We might go to the Grand Tetons after we leave the Black Hills for a week so I am not sure when we will get back.  We just might bum for awhile.
     Well, I am getting tired.  Time for sleep.  Take care all.


candlejmr said...

Have a wonderful time!  Take alot of pictures with that new camera of yours!


madcobug said...

That picture would be beautiful printed and framed. I hope your hitch gets there on time. I would think the boys will take good care of Zoey although she is going to miss you. That sounds better than boarding her at the vets where she would be miserable and scared. Helen

jimsulliv3 said...

Enjoy yourself and take lots of pics!


rjsisti said...

Great Pics and congrats on winning the CAPTION.

Hugs, Rose

Roses are Read Journal

penlady708 said...

Hi Julie,

Congratulations on winning the photo caption, I adored what you wrote!!!   Picture captions are a kind of occasional hobby of mine,  have some in my blog,, if you would like to visit some time.  Also have a quote blog, stop by if time permits.

I will be back, was scanning some of your previous entries, and enjoyed very much.
best regards
Susan a/k/a "Pen"

lsfp1960 said...

Hi Julie, congratulations on winning the caption contest.  That was cute !  Sounds like you're heading out for a bit of a bike ride.  One of my cousins is up in Newfoundland right now riding with a group from B.C.  She lives in Utah and has ridden those cross country tours many times.  Have fun & be safe.  Linda in Washington state  

cdj0423 said...

congrats on the caption win!

garnett109 said...

congrats on your win

lv2trnscrb said...

sounds like you are going on a vacation!! sounds like fun too; both areas are gorgeous to explore!!!

just popped over to say congrats on winning the caption game over on Magic Smoke; that was a cute caption and was my favorite one!!!

have a safe vacation!


karebear4x4 said...

Good luck with the hitch still!   look forward to your photos upon return   enJOY!!~kbear

karebear4x4 said...

p.s.  LOVE THE PIC!!~kbear

linnpooh said...

WHOOHOOO last day of work!!!

Enjoy your have waited so long for it. I know that Zoey will be fine...but I will remember her in my prayers :)

Safe, safe, travels my friend!

Pooh Hugs,