Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What do you think

  I looked at camera's today.  I am thinking about a Canon EOS Rebel XSi.

      I have been reading reviews and now need to do comparison reviews.  There are some things in the camera I don't like.  I will need new batteries, the ones from my Soni won't work and they are expensive.  The camera comes with one, but I like a backup.  the memory cards are expensive and you can't use the one I have now in it.  More expense.  The pictures are good and the camera is nice and light.  The lenses are expensive and none of the lens from my old camera will work on it. 

  Pro are they have camera classes to teach me how to use the camera to its full potential.  I am terrible about reading the manual and always have done better with a hands on learning experience.  But they would do that with any camera so should I get a better one or keep looking.  Anyone use this camera?  What do you think.  Happy or wish you had looked further.  Maybe I should look into the newest Soni as I think I could use some of the same things I already have.  Decisions decisions.

   I am looking to keep the entire package around 2000.  No more but less would be good.  So opinions welcome.


jeanno43 said...

Looks like a good camera but there are so many out there.  My husband uses a Fuji I believe.  Only you know what you can afford.

idlethoughts4me said...

I'll ask my hubby tonight what he thinks!  He's a professional photographer/graphics guy for a major Pharmaceutical company in NYC.

coelha said...

Nice camera...  If it's a Canon, I'm sure you will love it!  Good for you about the taking classes thing...I still don't know how to use my camera to it's full potential--my kids do though!  Julie :)

radar446 said...

I think that this would be a great camera for you.  It is basically a functional equivalent to the 40D without the heavy duty body and weather sealing.  I would imagine that for your purposes, this will do just great.  The lenses will be expensive on any SLR camera you purchase...you get what you pay for.  There are cheap lenses out there for Canon and the other makes, but they are nowhere near as good as the mid to higher end lenses.

The battery will not really be an issue if you choose to wait on the backup.  It will last a good long time.  The second battery is not that bad when you are considering the investment in the camera.  Memory cards are the CF which are really not that bad if you are getting 1gig cards.  You can find 4gig cards on special occasionally for near $100.00 which is really good.

In this price range, I would suggest looking at the Sony A350, and the Nikon D80 as well.  They are all comparable, and should cost about the same when it is all said and done.  The difference will be which "feels" the best in your hand...which is the most important thing to consider.


jlocorriere05 said...

I've got a Canon EOS 350D and I love it. The battery does last a good time and is easy and fast to recharge. You can only use EF lenses with it so maybe if you have Sony lenses you may be better of getting another Sony. The memory cards are cheap over here, you can get a 4GB card for around £15 ($30)I think all cameras will have their good and bad points. I'm not much good at reading the manuals either, I prefer to fiddle with settings! Jeannette xx  

radar446 said...

To expand on what Jeannette said...you can use both EF and EF-S lenses with the XSi.  These are both film and digital lenses which will work just fine.  Which brings me to another point I forgot in the previous post.  Nikon will have a better body....no question about that at all.  However the quality of the picture falls more on the quality of the glass....this is where Canon excels.  The L series glass for the Canon is flat out wonderful and will make the camera resolve much higher than the MP count would suggest.


idlethoughts4me said...

Hi Julie - hubby said that the Canon EOS Rebel XSi is a GREAT camera.  He said you should buy a 2-lens kit also.  Go onto B & H Photo online -- you should be able to get everything (camera and 2 lens kit) for about $800 - $900.   You can also go to Camera Land online.  Shop around and you'll can find it cheaper. If you do get this camera, make sure you take your old camera with you, since you will need to get used to using this one.  

Good luck!  Have a great time!!  --Dottie

linnpooh said...

It looks like a great camera! The best thing to me is the class....boy, that is almost worth the price of the camera, KWIM? You always take such good pictures though, you could make anything look good!

Pooh Hugs,

rbrown6172 said...

i'm like you in that i'm terrible at reading manuals.  i think the classes are great.   hope they are proving very beneficial to you.