Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pain Free


           I may not be quite up to skipping yet but I can honestly say my toe is feeling pretty darn good.   I haven't bumped it for a week,  just some slight pain in the side if I wiggle it, so I don't, and work hasn't been aggravating it.  The first day it was really bothering me but now, I can stand it for sure.  What a relief.


      Then for my previous entry.   I got a email that the plane picture was fake.  Well it isn't a fake but it may be nothing to get upset about.  You read the story and decide on Snopes. My apologies.  I usually check out all my emails to see if they are just urban legend, but didn't on this one.   It seemed so typical for some of the outrageous things he has done I took it at face value.  What is it they say these days.....My Bad.

   This is my final night of work on my 4 day stretch.  It is 100 degrees out so it hasn't been bad sleeping during the day.  I wouldn't want to be out riding my bike anyway in this heat..  Good thing is with my toe I could and will ride now.  We hope, barring some other life altering event, to ride everyday I am off.
    Vacation is 19 days away.  I can almost smell the pine and see the faces already.

        We are also going camera hunting.   This week.  Hopefully I will get the one I like but it is pretty pricey and for the way I shoot this one I have is really good enough I suppose.  I want one with more options for lenses though.  I want....I want.  I need I need.  Nope, don't need but do want.

      Well, time to get ready for supper.  Rick is grilling turkey.  Sounds yummy.


jlocorriere05 said...

I hope you get the camera you want Julie! I love that lil butterfly up top, I suppose that's fake too?! Lol! I loved the Black Hills and seeing Mt Rushmore ~ just be careful of the buffalo that roam there! I'm so glad your toe is healing in time for your trip, just be extra careful of knocking it! Jeannette xx  

lanurseprn said...

I hope you get your new camera for purely selfish reasons....I want to see the pictures! I hope you have a great vacation, and I am glad your toe is better.

jeanno43 said...

Glad you are now almost pain free.  Have a great week

radar446 said...

So glad that your toe is feeling better.  It really hasn't been that long at all, so I guess you are fortunate in that respect.  As far as the camera goes, I would never take a brand new camera on a vacation.  Each camera acts differently, and requires a decent learning curve before you are familiar with it.  I gave myself 5 months of getting used to my Canon before taking it to Alaska.  The first few Treks with it, had some pretty serious growing pains to work through.  If your current camera is working fine for what you want, I would take that one on vacation as your primary shooter.