Thursday, August 7, 2008

Made it the week off.

         I was running my behind off at work last night.   So busy.   I hadn't done any charting, but was wasn't worried as I knew I would get to it eventually when at 10:30 they told me I could have Low census.  What! your pulling my leg.  But yup, we had a ton of nurses on at 11.
        Now part of me thinks all I will do is go home and sleep, but this is where its important.  I will be awake during the day if I go home tonight.  I can take a early morning bike ride instead of a middle of the day, hot as hot can be bike ride.  And maybe.... just maybe go get my camera.

       So I went into high gear and finished up all the little things, sat my butt down and charted at double speed.   And here I am in the morning.  Sipping my coffee.  Planning where to ride today and looking forward to the next week off.  Blissful.

      I get sentimental about things.  I am looking at my Soni super steady shot.   The camera I yearned for and saved for and used and love.  Here I am ready to toss it aside like a old worn out shoe. Actually looking at it you can tell I have taken a few thousand shots on it.  Feeling guilty.  It has been a very good camera, a great camera.  But..... I have had several times when I see a beautiful shot.  The sky is so perfect, the clouds just right.  I set it up and take the shot and it doesn't capture it.  If you don't get it then you won't get another shot at that perfect shot you just saw.   Plus.  I want to be able to accessorize.   That is what women do.  I want more lens, more filters, more frosting.  I want that great big lens I see the professionals using, LOL.  I am going to the Black Hills.  Beauty will be surrounding me.  I want to capture it in all its splendor.  You know what I mean?

     Of course hauling all that on a bike gets tricky,  Especially climbing mountains in altitudes I am not ready for.  Probably puffing so hard no imaging stabilizer in the world will help.  So I also have to haul my tripod.  Poor Rick.  He is really going to be loaded down isn't he.  2 camera,s tripod, filters, extra lens, extra battery, more water and ice.  Sure glad he is such a big strong man,  Are your reading this Rick?

     There is one more camera I  have been looking at.  Around the same price range, but some things I really like, tilt live view and a soni which my last 2 camera were.  Bad thing is it comes with a lens that I would not rather have, but you can update. Once again I would have to change batteries.  Not sure about the memory card.  Takes great action shots, important for my flightly deer shots.  Has really good reviews except for the battery change over and lens.  Decisions decisions.  More megapixel then the cannon but really that isn't important.  And.... would I still miss those once in a lifetime shots.  

Sony - Alpha 14.2-Megapixel Digital SLR Camera - Black  

 Anyway, enough rambling on.  Time to get ready for my ride.  I haven't ridden for awhile because of my toe.  The toe is down to just a bothersome slight nagging discomfort now.  I have 2 weeks left before the big ride.  I got some training to do.

     Thanks everyone for you wonderful suggestions, Greg...your the best!



jeanno43 said...

I am sure that you will find the right camera in the end.  I adore that butterfly graphic, do you mind if I snag it?

madcobug said...

Good luck on finding the camera that you would like to have and that will suit your purpose. Helen

candlejmr said...

Good luck on the camera search!  I know it's a huge decision for me too.  My camera is SO important to me!  It has to be small to fit in my purse but have a great zoom and and it has to have stability and not shake when I do (lol) and it has to be good in poor lighting and it has to be easy to use cause I don't know anything about cameras...and on and on.....(lol)

Let me know what you decide....although you are way more professional like than I am!!!


radar446 said...

I'm glad that you got the chance to go home early and get the bikes out early in the day before the heat hits.  Poor Rick though.....He's going to have back trouble before long with all that gear you are making him carry.  Have him look at my reviews on camera backpacks...might make his life easier.

Pros for the Sony....In camera Image Stabilization (cheaper lenses), tilt LCD, nice feature set, and will continue your Sony lineage.

Cons for the Sony....Not quite as good of quality image as the Canon will produce given equal lenses.  The build quality on the lenses is not up to par to the Canon lenses.  They have rough zoom/focus rings, and some lenses feel quite notchy.  The Carl Zeiss optics are great, but expensive.

All this being said, Sony is a major player in the DSLR market and has a long catalog of lenses that come from Konica/Minolta.  They are expanding their line to include very professional models so future upgrades will be possible while keeping the lenses you have collected.

My personal choice is still Canon...I was looking between the A700, D300, and 40D when I made my choice.  With all my research, the Canon was my pick.  It came down to the quality of the lenses (L series specifically), as well as how it felt in my hand.  Out of those three manufacturers, I don't think you will go wrong.


PS, thanks!

jlocorriere05 said...

Poor Rick, I can see him now cycling up those Black Hills weighed down with camera gear! It is a beautiful area and I know you'll get some great photos what ever camera you decide on! Jeannette xx  

coelha said...

Love you pictures/tags..  I haven't been on a bike for years...  I love the Indulge Yourself Occasionally..  Must do that sometime!!  Have a good week Julie--you deserve some fun!!  :)  Julie