Sunday, October 7, 2007

Zoey Update

       Well things aren't going very well this morning.  Yesterday she ate 2 small meals and then stopped eating.  She started scratching on her ears and even with the medicine they are swollen up again.  She slept all night without problems, but was very dumpy today.  Wouldn't eat and drank very little and then suddenly projectile vomiting.  A bad sign.  They didn't give me anything for nausea.  It was really watery so maybe I was letting her have to much water too soon so I emptied the dish and will only give her about a fourth of a cup every 2 hours.

       I am so worried about her.  One of my fears is the cancer is why her pancreas is inflamed.  I look at her and except for her sleepy dull eyes her coat is so shiny and she looks so healthy minus all the shaved parts.  How can she be this sick.  And I have real fears we won't be able to save her.  She is only 8, we thought we had plenty more years with her.

     So my morning isn't going well. 

     I have been searching All Recipes for new and exciting rice and bean recipes for my MIL.  They say the best diet for her is low fat high carb and little meat.  A mild bean and rice meal is the best choice with lots of fresh fruits and green veggies.   I have some good recipes picked out and will be making one of them tonight.  It has black beans and brown rice, yummy, 2 of my favorites.

    Well, guess that is all.  I still think bringing her home is best as at least she is comfortable and relaxed on her blanket.


carrotlife said...

Julie- i am so sorry to hear Zoey did not have a good morning. Such hurt involved in having a sick pet, such unconditional love they give....and we want so much to just shield them from all pain and suffereing and have them live comfortably and loved forever. I am keeping her in my thoughts and prayers...and all of you.

springangel235 said...

Poor little Zoey, she is such a trooper.  I hope things change soon, for the better.  She sure has a great nurse.  Also, the meals sound great that you are planning...and your MIL is blessed with a great daughter-in-law.
Hugs, love and prayers...

madcobug said...

Poor Zoey. I pray that she will make a huge improvement and be well soon. Good luck on cooking something good to eat that your MIL will enjoy eating. Helen

jckfrstross said...

i would call the vet maybe they can give you something to help her not throw up:( poor zoey keeping her in prayers


radar446 said...

Man, it isnt' sounding good for Zoey.  I really hope it isn't the cancer that has caused all this with the pancreas.  I was hoping that all the cancer was gone.  I still have faith that she will pull through.