Sunday, October 7, 2007

It is Good news.


     BIL is GONE.   I pray for anyone on the road with him.  So my hubby has officially moved in with MIL and when Zoey is better I will move over there also.  Actually I told him I would go tonight if he wanted to stay here but something about the possibility of cleaning up doggy puke all night didn't agree with him, LOL.

   Now for Zoey.  No more vomit.  She has eaten once, but not much and is drinking a small amount every once in awhile.  Mostly she is laying there sleeping.  I am hoping she is doing what her body tells her she needs to do to get better.  She got sick shortly after I gave her the medicine this morning so I will see how she does tonight.

     I still can't believe it.  Its like the sun has broken through a dark cloud.  I simply would never have believed something like this would happen.  Now to concentrate on keeping him from coming back.



motoxmom72 said...

Glad to hear BIL is gone.  I sure do hope that Zoey is on road to recovery.  

lanurseprn said...

I wonder where he is headed? Let's hope he won't come back!!

madcobug said...

Yippee, glad for all of you that BIL has gone. Glad Zoey is doing some better. Helen

springangel235 said...

Now, I know your day is complete...with dear BIL you think he will return??  Hope not.  Your doing great with Zoey...I wish you well, in the days ahead in her recovery.  Many hugs and love,

candlejmr said...

Hang in sounds like the clouds are finally lifting in your world!!!!!


nightmaremom said...

sounds like things are turning for ya

radar446 said...

So glad that BIL has finally left.  I believe that was long overdue.  Glad it sounds like Zoey is getting better.


coelha said...

Thank God the idiot is gone!  :)  Julie

jckfrstross said...

Great news:) now get a lawyer and keep him from coming back


rdautumnsage said...

I'm doing the happy dance for you now hon. Great news! I would make sure he never comes back your way again. A man that is that conceided and ugly toward his mother doesn't deserve a dime or anyone's compassion. I truly hope your MIL decides to write him out of the will. He already recieved far more than he ever deserved. Here's to hoping the rest of her days are peaceful and loving. Keeping your family and Zoey in my prayers on the smoke.(Hugs) Indigo