Friday, October 19, 2007

Trying it again


  Well, I just lost my long rambling couldn't sleep post so it was probably a good thing.  I have been up for 2 hours so far.  Wishing and dreaming of sleep.   Instead I am having chest pain and leg cramps.  No rest for the weary.  And I want it.  I WANT IT.

   I get chest pain off and on.  I used to run to the hospital, but fortunately it was never anything more then some ectopics and so now I just take some tylenol and wait it out.  Probably arthritis in my ribs or something.  I don't know what it was but I do know it and these darn legs and kept me from my much needed sleep for 2 days.

    Today I am going to be busy.  Hospice comes at 9 and then the vet at 11.  He will be so pleased to see how good she is doing.  Then back to MIL's with Zoey to get the animals used to each other.
    I have promised to go through more cupboards today and get rid of 200 butter tubs without lids, 300 used bread sacks we will never use, food and spices that still feature smiling women with dresses and aprons on and flip hairdo's.

    If I can't find a lid, it is going.  If I can't find a best by this date, it is going.  If it doesn't look like it was made in this decade it is going.  I am on a mission.  She wants me to go through the drawers and start getting rid of stuff.  Take anything home you want!  Gee, 2 drawers full of used wrapping paper that still has some use, ribbon, yarn, flat as a pancake bows.  Boxes and boxes of greeting cards from the dollar store, you know the type.

    I hold up 3 inches of thick yellow yarn and look at her with one eyebrow raised, she sheepishly grins, well you never know when it will come in handy.  I will use it to close the garbage bag shut with all the expired evaporated milk cans I found down in the pantry,  See she triumphantly says, I knew it would come in handy.

    The house was always so neat and tidy who knew what secrets these closet and drawers held.   Years and years and decades of saving things because they might come in handy.  Now I know where my husband gets it.  My husband who has gone through my sons trash because he feels he throws away perfectly good unwanted things and there just has to be a use for something so cool and high tech looking.  He is still doing it.  I put things in bags, turn my back and catch him out of the corner of my eye reaching in the bag.  Oh no you don't I growl.

    Anyway that is my day.  Plus I want to get my MIL some flannel pj's.  We got her a heated mattress pad and she is so cozy. We are happy as we have been able to turn down the heat alittle.  Win win.  And I have to interview the LPN and come up with a fair price to pay her.  Busy day on 4 hours of sleep.  Darn. 

    I also did an ebay sale since I couldn't sleep.  That should stop some of the people who wait until the last second to bid.  Get up at 4:30 and bid then why don't ya.

   I am slowing getting to the journals and reading my entries.  Wish I had a computer at my MIL's.  Take care all.


rbrown6172 said...

like mother like son, huh??  well, it sounds like a full day ahead of you.  hopefully, you'll sleep well tonight.  glad zoey is better. love the coneflower.

kirkbyj05 said...

i don't know how you do it Julie.  I am a wimp by comparison.  I have laryngitis and a chest infection now and I'm feeling sorry for myself.  Look at you!  Up and at it and doing and 'brewing' ideas about how to sort out MIL's cupboards.  When you're done there...come over here.  Lol!  I hoard and Bryan sends it to the thrift shop when I am not looking.  I'm like might come in handy...Lol!
Glad to hear she is 'snug as a bug' with her heat blanket.  
So good to be able to tell the vet too about Zoey's return to health...yes?
Anyway...try and have a restful weekend and I hope you get some more sleep. Get out your meditation tapes and switch off to everything.
Big Hug


madcobug said...

I have chest pain due to acid reflux. I have went to the hospital with that a couple of times, it still scare me at times but I just take some malanta and wait it out. It does scare a person when their whole chest hurts. Thses last few days I have resorted to some Nixium. Your flower is pretty. Good luck on the cleanup. I could use you here LOL. Bet that vet will be surprised at Zoey's condition. Poor thing will be so scared that you wil leave her again. Hope things work out with the cat. Helen

coelha said...

After my grandmother died, we went through her things, and I remember finding NEW clothes neatly put in drawers that she never wore.  I never could understand it.  Oh well..  She was from a generation that believed in saving things for "you never know when.."  Take care, and I hope you are feeling better soon!  Julie

jlocorriere05 said...

Come clear out my cupboards next Julie! Or maybe Rick would like a rummage and see if there's anything he'd like! Lol! I try not to hoard but when am I going to use 400 carrier bags? I also have drawers full of screws and nails! Why?! I'm glad you're MIL is cosy on her heat pad, now all you need is some sleep! Hope you get some over the weekend! Jeannette xx  

jckfrstross said...

good luck cleaning today:)


fisherkristina said...

I am purging my house also.  I thought about it.  Why save five rolls of wrapping paper, when you can go out and buy them for $2 a roll next year.  That equals $10.  Meanwhile, all year, if you saved them, you have more than $10 of aggravation all year.  When you open the closet they fall on you, LOL.  They take up space.  They get dusty.  Why not just toss them and spend the $10 at Christmas.  Or $5 at the dollar store.  And why save $1 dollar store pieces when you get those so cheaply, or flattened bows that you can get at the dollar store for a dollar, LOL?  You get the idea!

Krissy :)

maryajacobs5 said...

Same going on here, I am sick and tired of the mess we create - magazines everywhere - I recycle mine by passing them on, but the other half stores them up just in case he might need to read them again lol - then there are clothes that might fit again - well who am I kidding, even if they did they are not my style anymore - and as to why paperwork never gets filed away or shredded beats me.  Mind you all this moving stuff around unsettles the dust, which then reacts on my asthma - oh well of to the shops now


cacklinrosie101 said...

I am slow at everything with journals lately.  I know the feeling of aching at night and no sleeping.  ugh...hate it.  

LOL at your  MIL.  Was she raised during the Depression?  My mother  was and is the exact same way with saving and reusing the most insane things.  I bet she hasn't bought tin foil in a year because she washes and reuses hers.  Try and get some rest.  It seems like a lot of people in JLand are running behind on reading and making entries.  Chris

radar446 said...

I don't envy you at all.  I hate cleaning stuff out.