Wednesday, October 17, 2007


  Man oh man I read over that last entry and what a hoot.  Its a wonder I could even find the keyboard.   Usually the sleeping pill never hits me that hard but I am as usual behind on sleep so it must have been extra effective.  I fixed my typo's.  Note to self, do an entry before you take your sleeping pill.

    Well it is 7 hours later, I should be bright eyed and bushy tailed but for some odd reason I was plagued with leg cramps all night.  First in my right ankle and foot, then in my right calf and last but not the least painful my left calf.  Gee, I must has worked out harder at work then I thought.  I did do some running last night.

         Next week at this time my wonderful grandson and son will be arriving.   We are arranging a sitter for my MIL so we can both to Omaha for the flight.  I am so excited.  I bet Gabe won't even remember us but hopefully we can make an impression this time.

 Hopefully my MIL will be bright still.  I have this fear they will come hours after or before her death.  What a visit for my grandson.  But my MIL looks pretty good these past 3 days.  Hope it isn't the calm before the storm. 

     joked with her yesterday and told her I didn't need to put our her Halloween skeleton because we would just use her this year.  She thought that was so funny.  She said she was glad she could still be useful and maybe she should stand on the porch on Halloween and give out the candy, scare the kids.  I told her she wasn't scary enough, too friendly looking.  She looked like the comic character Maxine these days.

    Last night of work.  I think I have to be charge again tonight .  That has been happening an awful lot lately.    I don't care for it but the more I do it the easier it becomes.  It is difficult when you have a full load of patients yourself.

     Zoey is her old self, well actually her new and improved much thinner and more active self.  Starting tomorrow we are going to try and get the cat and dog familiar with each other.  Should be interesting.  And after tonight I have 9 days off because I took some time off to see my grandson.

       Well, time to pop into the shower and get ready to go.  Check the mail and get the daily deluge of holiday magazines to toss in the trash.  Bye all



madcobug said...

That is great that you MIL feels well enough to still have a good sense of humor. I am glad that Zoey has made such a good recovery and hopefully she and the cat will get along fine. Your Grandson is a doll and I hope you all can enjoy their visit. Helen

jlocorriere05 said...

Gabe looks a treasure! I'm sure you'll have such fun with him! I'm glad your MIL can still laugh along with you. Maybe you need to drink more at work, cramp is often caused by dehydration. I have to drink gallons in our hospital or I wake up all through the night in agony. Glad zoey is still on the mend and good luck with her and the cat!  Jeannette xx  

lanurseprn said...

Funny joke about her being a skeleton. I'm glad she can laugh at that stuff! I hope you enjoy your visit with your son and grandson. I'm sure it will cheer up your MIL a lot!
That's a bummer having a team of patients AND being Charge. How do you do it? They used to do that here, but the floors I've worked on the last couple of years don't do it like that anymore. Hope the night goes well for you.

kirkbyj05 said...

How wonderful for you that your son and gransdon are on their way!  I had my grandchildren to stay last weekend and they are coming to stay for the whole of half term this weekend too.  So I know how excited you are feeling.  They are our life...yes?
The cramps you can keep.  I'm getting over those too.
And Betty...dear Betty.  <smiling at her>   How wonderful a soul has she when she can laugh at her own frailty.  Bless her!  You have a great relationship and I knw she will be missed when she has gone.  
Good luck with the cat and Zoey.  
And back at work tonight too.
Jeanie xxxxx

radar446 said...

I've never taken a sleeping pill, but I've seen Mom after she has taken one, and it amazes me at how much that little pill can slow a body down.  It is funny to watch though, when its not you that is getting woozy.  Glad to hear that Zoey is back to her new and improved self.  That is great news!