Saturday, October 6, 2007

Picking up Zoey

   It's not that she all better, it's just the vet agrees she is stressing herself out too much.  They were able to get more IV fluids in her, but not without having someone sitting there calming her the entire time.  She isn't throwing up anymore or having diarrhea, but she hasn't eaten since Monday and kept it down.  She is going to be on a special diet and I will probably not get much if any sleep tonight... but that's OK.  I will do whatever it takes to get her better.

     I was reading about Canine pancreatitis.   Scary stuff and it can be fatal.  If the worse happens and she doesn't recover I want her here with us so she isn't afraid and is surrounded by love.  But I am a pretty good nurse.  Bedside nursing is what I do.  Even if my bed this time will be the floor next to her blanket.  We pick her up at 11:30.  First I have to go to the bank and get money out of my safety deposit box.  My emergency stash is almost gone.  This has to be our last emergency for awhile, LOL.  I can always get money from my son if I have too.  My MIL offered also but I just can't do that, not with BIL.  That would justify it to him somehow.  Plus I hate borrowing money. Just can't make myself do if I can find any other way. 

     Anyway.  I am sterilizing all of her dishes to make sure she doesn't reinfect herself.  I washed the kitchen floor again.  I have some filtered water already for her.  Now to bring her smelly self home.  Wonder when we will be able to bathe her?  Wish us all luck and thanks so much to everyone for their prayers.  I truly believe that helps.  All that white positive energy surrounding her.

   Rick is coming back to pick me up and then going back to MIL. 


springangel235 said...

I am praying when you get Zoey home she will be is stressful in a Vet's office...the noise of other animals alone upsets them.  Yes, you are a great nurse, you will take good care of her.  Hugs and love to you and all,

madcobug said...

I am glad that Zoey is coming home, poor thing was so sick on top of being stressed out not knowing what is happening to her. I pray that she gets well soon. My son and DIL used an eye dropper to get Gatoraid down their dog every once in a while to keep her from dehydrating. Hopefully when she gets home she will feel like eating and drinking a little at a time. It made me feel bad when your MIL offered to pay for the nuts when she had given him the money to start with. I would be afraid to eat that chicken. You have no idea if it was kept cool enough or not. No one needs ecoli on top of everythink else. Helen

kirkbyj05 said...

I'm so glad she is home again.  She looks really sorry for herself in the photo above.  Poor angel!
I hope she does manage to eat and drink a little bit.  As for her smell?  Some baby wipes with Aloe Vera impregnated or lavender in them will help to wipe her coat and get rid of the smell.  
You will be worrying for her I know.  I would be contemplating the floor too so that she has someone with her.   I've been there and done it with my old dog when he had to have his scent glands removed. and his canine tooth.  They are always there for us so we can only return the love.
Hope your back is easing a bit?   And that Betty is still comfortable?
Thinking of you all and praying real hard.

Jeanie xxxx

lanurseprn said...

I'm happy that Zoey is coming home. Poor baby. At least she'll feel comfortable being home now.
Don't eat that chicken!! And don't let MIL eat any! Man that could KILL her if it's infected. But, you know that.
Hope that things go well today.

blazensun said...

Glad to hear Zoey is comming home today. I pray that she gets better once she is at home. The BIL needs to go. He is only bringing undue stress to your MIL and she does not need it. Don.t eat the chicken I would not trust is being any good.


motoxmom72 said... sorry to hear about Zoey.  I have 2 Chocolate Labs.  Baby and Buddy.  Zoey looks like my Baby.  I hope she is doing better!

inquestoftruth said...

Poor Zoey!   If canine pancreatitis is anything like human pancreatitis, then I know how she feels.   I was in the hospital six days with that, that's the sickest I have ever been.  Poor doggy.      

cacklinrosie101 said...

I'm glad you got to bring Zoey home.  Stress and anxiety does pups no good at all when they're sick.  I know you'll take wonderful care of her.  I continue to pray for her and your family.  Chris

rdautumnsage said...

Ugh!! Will the man leave already. Glad to hear Rick blow off some steam over his mother offering to pay his Brother for money that is rightly hers to begin with. Hopefully now that Zoey is home she will settle down to getting better and healthier. I just realized today Pickles doesn't see well in her side view (can't think of the proper term for it right now). If I wave my hand close to her face in front she responds. But doesn't seem to see me off to the side. It worries me, yet it explains a few things I've been having difficulty with her lately. I'm making a vet appt. to get her eyes checked out. The condition of me having her as a working dog is that she is able to work. The organization expects me to return her and get another dog if something happens to her. I have news for them, she's not going back. She won my heart over when I got her this past Dec. If she can't work, that's ok by me, she's home and staying home. (Hugs) Indigo

radar446 said...

I am sure that being home will help Zoey more than you can imagine.  The comfort of familiar surroundings will help give her the energy and strength she will need to heal herself and get better.  Hang in there.


jckfrstross said...

glad joey is home and on the mend:) enjoy your sunday