Friday, October 5, 2007

visiting Zoey

          In the picture above you can see how red her skin is around her mouth and nose.  All her skin was that red and irritated.  I heard from the vet.  Seems like Zoey is causing some problems, LOL.   She pulled out her IV twice.  She has barked non stop since she was left.  She is biting on the kennel trying to chew her way out.  So he is having to give her nausea med, antihistamines and new antibiotic by shot.  He gave her a sedative but it didn't work long.   So I went to visit.

    We sat on the floor and she was just crying softly under her breath and hugging up to me.   She has one of those plastic cone around her head.  Her eyes are drugged looking and she stinks to high heaven.  I hugged her and petted her to calm her down and she finally stopped crying and took a nap.  Crossed legged on the floor I struggled not to bawl.  I just want to pick her up and bring her home.  Surely this distress can't be helping her illness.  I even asked the vet to let me bring her home and promised to give the shots myself.  But he says she is too ill.  I can't risk her life.  Fortunately after my hour visit she quietly went back to the kennel and has been quiet and dosing the rest of the day.  I promised her I would bring her home as soon as possible.  I know she is just a dog but I swear she knows I mean it.

    So  I came back home and changed out of my now smelling clothes and went to my MIL.    My MIL is having a bad day.  Very vague and her lasix hasn't helped.  Her legs are still swollen.  She is getting very withdrawn which you see at the end of the journey.  So another wonderful day.   WhileRick stayed I came home and made supper and am just resting.  I needed to get off my feet for awhile.

    I read some journals today and got some great laughs.  Jimmy always is good for a chuckle and Pam sent some great pumpkin pictures.  Jeane has great pictures of peaceful places I wish I was.  I close my eyes and meditate and picture sitting by the lake on that bench.  I can smell the leaves and hear the water.  I am there for awhile.  Awwwwww



carrotlife said...

Julie- i am so, so sorry you can not have Zoey home with you. i hope all the medication kicks in and she is feeling tons better by tomorrow, and you can bring her home. i will be praying for her, your MIL, and the rest of you.

cacklinrosie101 said...

Dang, your BIL is a parasite.  Sheesh, your poor puppy really looks bad with that irritation.  I'm saying lots of prayers.  She just wants to be home.  That's why she's acting up.  Grizzly injured himself last year trying to escape from the kennel when he had his surgery.  I'm praying they take really good care of her.  Chris

jckfrstross said...

zoey knows as soon as she  is well she gets to come home:) On the BIL front i agree with chris parasite he is lol


radar446 said...

I'm sure it did Zoey well to see you and get to spend some time with you in this scarey, but (getting to be) familiar place.  I hope this is the last time Zoey will have to endure all this...poor doggy.  As far as the BIL goes...he just needs to get gone.


kirkbyj05 said...

Good morning Julie,

I was sorry to hear the Zoey is homesick. She is obviously very ill if they need to keep her there.  Please God she gets well soon. I know how you feel about her as many times I have slept on the foor with my old dog when he has been poorly after a visit to the vets.
 As for BIL.  One day!  One day!  You will be able to vent all you want then.
But not now while Betty is letting go.  I'm glad my photos have helped your meditation.  When I come across a picture that touches me I use it as my desktop background until I get fed up with it and find another as good.  That cheers me up when I come on-line each time and when I sign off too.  What a rough time you are all having.  Sending you good vibes and prayers and a humongous big ((((Hug)))))
God Bless you and Betty.

Jeanie xxxx

madcobug said...

Poor Zoey, She was so scared that you were not coming back to get her plus all those meds are probably making her more nervous. I am still sending up prayers for her to be well and come home soon. I am so glad that you went to calm her down. When the old skin starts coming off they do smell bad. Our last dog Jake did that when he had allergies so bad and the skin came off in places. Sending up prayers for you MIL that she will not be in a lot of pain. Prayers for all of you also. You all need them. Glad that you updated on Zoey. I have been wondering how she was doing since you made the last post. Helen

inquestoftruth said...

Poor Zoey!    I'm with you, they are just dogs, but I know they know what we mean.....

lanurseprn said...

I'm sure she knew what you were saying. I think they understand us!
Glad you liked the pics.

rdautumnsage said...

I know for a fact they understand what we are saying. Whenever I have to crate Pickles even if it's just for a few hours. She crys and hangs all over me for days afterwards. Zoey knows she's loved and knows home is where her heart is. Sorry to learn BIL was STILL there. Is he trying to prolong his departure in hopes his Mom passes away before he leaves? Wishing you all the peace and love you could use hon! (Hugs) Indigo