Saturday, October 6, 2007

It's a good thing

        Zoey looked 100% better being home.  They gave her a bath so it is even more pleasant having her home, LOL.   She has drank water and eating the special food they want her have for awhile and kept it down and now has been sleeping for about a hour.

      I do have a problem feeding her the food they want me to feed her.  I feel the food we feed is one of the best you can get.  Reading the ingredients to this food he has her on I can tell its a lot of filler and who knows where the ingredients come from. The vets all sell this food so they really push it but it has never made the top 10.

      I know where the ingredients to Flint River Ranch come from.  However I will bite my tongue and keep her on it for the 6 days he suggested.  It is mostly a turkey and rice which will be bland and easy for her to digest.  I have contacted my dog food company to see what they suggest.  We have a big selection.  But for now I am just happy to have her home.  She is happy and relaxed.  It can't help but be good for her.

    Rick had a hard time leaving to go back to his moms as he is pretty attached to her also. 

     Rick is comfortable taking care of his Mom for now and I will stay until Zoey is better.

    My back is still tricky feeling.  If I don't move the wrong way, not to bad.  Move the wrong way and it sure reminds me.  I don't need much reminding either I tell ya.

    Well, this is the last post today I promise.  Long winded I know.  Sorry.  And you know what?   I wish you all enough.


carrotlife said...

Julie- do not make this the last post today! you have to let us know how Zoey's day goes! i am so happy she is home and seems to be feeling a bit better. there is definitely no place like home...especially when one does not feel well, be it a human or a pet.

and i hope that BIL finally leaves for good. with all the times he has left your MIL alone, you'd think he'd not bother coming back. one can hope, anyways. and i hope your MIL continues to be as comfortable as possible.

kirkbyj05 said...

I am so happy to hear that Julie.  As humans we all know that 'home' is the best medicine for when we are low.  Zoey was just telling everyone that what she thought too when she was at the vets.  
She will sleep more content now.  No more noisy vets, strange sounds and smells.  'Home Smells' now.  She'll be happy.  Just like her Mom is too to have her back home.  <sigh>  Hopefully you will all have a decent night's sleep and tomorrow she will have revived a wee bit more.  
Please take care of yourself too my friend.  
Joey is obviously enjoying spending Betty's money in the bars.  It will make him feel the big guy. Selfish man!
God Bless Betty......poor woman.  To witness the evil that her son has become in her last days.  It is so upsetting.
I'm praying that he leaves soon and she gets the peace she deserves.

Jeanie   xxx

lanurseprn said...

I'm so glad Zoey is better. As long as she's tolerating that kind of food, then I wouldn't change it yet. Poor baby.
Weird that BIL won't leave. I don't get it? If he's obviously not welcome, why would he hang around?
Hope your back doesn't act up too much.

madcobug said...

I am so glad that you posted again. That's great that Zoey came home and was hungry and thirsty. Maybe this food will be easy on her tummy until her insides get well. I can almost see the happy look on her face when she left to come home with you. Still keeping her in my prayers though. That is so aggravating about your BIL going off and leaving his mom home alone. Her last days should be peaceful days not upsetting days. Maybe your back can get some rest for a few days while Zoey is mending. Helen

inquestoftruth said...

Good news!!   About Zoey anyway.  BIL needs to go away, but I don't think that's gonna happen.   Why should he leave his bread and butter??

blazensun said...

Good to hear Zoey is doing much better. BIL must go he has stayed to long. Zoey need you right now. Hope everything works out the way you want.

Hugs to you Sunny

cacklinrosie101 said...

Well, that is certainly good news about Zoey.  Eating food, keeping food down...that's her being comfortable.  I know that food bothers you.  I'm sure you could find something similar thorugh Flint.  Dang, your BIL is just a mess.  Chris

springangel235 said...

Glad to read Zoey is doing better, once home.  That's interesting about the food, and choices.  My dogs food comes from the VET, supposed to keep their weight down, but they are as chubby as can be, and eat very little of it.  
Sure hope that BIL moves out, without police help.  That has to be a rough situation...keeping hopeful thoughts on that one, and good prayers for Zoey.
Hugs and love...enjoy the rest of your weekend.

rdautumnsage said...

Julie in my humble opinion , I think it's time to get the police involved. Warn your BIL to be gone by a certain day and time, if he isn't your calling the cops. It's your MIL's home he is trespassing at this time. Glad to hear the news that Zoey is doing better. Take care of yourself hon, I wish you enough too. I read that the other day but didn't get a chance to comment. Wonderful sentiments indeed. (Hugs) Indigo

radar446 said...

Glad things are going better with Zoey, I figured being home again would show some improvement.  The easy digestibility of the food might have been one of the reasons to feed it to her.  The fact that the vet didn't recommend a long term change of diet means that they are fine with what you have been feeding her.  Six days is a very short amount of time, and I would assume that it is just to get some nutrients into her.

As far as getting rid of BIL.  I would say yes, you could call the police and have him removed.  As far as NC law goes (only one I am familiar with), he would be trespassing under NCGS 14-159.  No matter how long he has been a guest, if he is not on the lease/mortgage, and is not contributing to the household finances, he's there at the will of the lawful resident.  When that term ends, regardless of the reason, that person has to leave.  If they refuse, it becomes a trespass issue.  The fact that this is her son does not matter, he is over 18 and therefore she is not legally required to provide for him.  Kick him to the curb!