Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Last night off


         It has been a long day.  I spent the morning cleaning here, got my hair cut, went shopping for things for my MIL, made supper over there and did some cleaning and then got home around 8:30.   My back is giving me real fits this evening.  Feels like someone is stabbing me between my shoulder blades time after time after time.  Maybe BIL has a voodoo doll, LOL.  Anyway I can't do much about it.  I took a stronger pain pill then I normally take, meaning stronger then Motrin and soaked in the tub.  Have you ever had a pain that feels like it is swollen on the inside trying to push it ways out?  Its a miserable thing.

    However,  Zoey is doing all she can to make me feel better.  Since I am lonely at home without my hubby Zoey is doing the entertaining.  I was pleased and very happy when she got her gong and tossed it on my lap.  That is my cue to fill it up and let her happily throw it around emptying it.  She hasn't wanted her gong filled for a couple of weeks.  And she played with her favorite toy.  Plus her grass phobia has disappeared as rapidly as it came on.  Now the grass feels so good she took a roll in it today.  Go figure.  I think she has put on some weight also.  Now she is eating like a horse.  Make up time.

    I made a really good chicken dish I got off of All Recipe today. Chicken Milano.  My MIL ate pretty good for her.  And for her lunch I made some egg salad and she had cottage cheese with fresh pear cut up in it. Yes, I am still on my Pear love affair but from the looks of the pears today at the store it is coming to an end.  Darn.

    Today is my Grandson's birthday.  4 years old.  He is coming in 10 days.  I can't wait.

    Well, my pain pill is starting to make me foggy.  Not really touching the pain but hopefully I will sleep through it.  Have a wonderful night all.




lanurseprn said...

I'm so glad Zoey is getting so much back to normal!! Hope your back feels better soon.

madcobug said...

Hope your back gets beter soon. Prayers going up for it. I sure am glad that Zoey is feeling so much beter and is acting her sweet self again. May she continue to feel good. Helen

carrotlife said...

such great news about Zoey! i was thrilled to read it. i hope your back feels somewhat better now after the pain killers...and hope it is still better when you go back to work. good luck :)

kirkbyj05 said...

Oh! Happy Days!  Great news to hear about Zoey's amazing recovery so soon. I am so happy to hear that news.  
And MIL is eacting such delicious meals.  Pears and cottage cheese are one of my salad concoctions which I just love to eat too.
At long last things are on the 'Up' and levelling out for all of you.  Your bad back is a worry Julie.  I thought I had a bad back, but you are soldiering on!  I don't know how you do it.
Take care and I hope you slept well.  
Jeanie xxx

jlocorriere05 said...

I'm so glad to hear Zoey has got rid of the grass phobia! Wonder what was going on in her doggy mind?! I'm glad she's eating and playing again. You're so good to your MIL, I'm glad you're back looking after her and the BIL is out of the picture. I know the pain you have very well, hope you get relief from it soon. Jeannette xx  

ukgal36 said...

Glad to hear about Zoey..sorry about your back pain...that store in the pic looks so cozy and inviting..would love to go nose around in there...
Have a good weekend...

radar446 said...

That's the nice thing about pet...they will try and take care of you.  It seems they can sense when you aren't feeling well.  When Jennifer's arm was broken years ago, I was cat sitting for my Mom's cat Misty.  Misty was a real sweet cat and while normally didn't have much to do with Jennifer, ended up laying right beside Jennifer every day while she was out of work.


maryajacobs5 said...

I hope the back pain stops soon, and it is good to hear that Zoey in doing well. Hope all goes well for you now that BIL has gone