Friday, May 4, 2007

Zoey's Vet visit


    We get to the vet and someone had a huge pit bull which immediately lunged at Zoey and scared her to death.  Very aggressive dog.  They hurried up and put that dog in a room.  We were talking to the vet and he said unfortunately those type of dogs and certain types of owners go hand in hand.  They want to look big and bad and they want a big bad dog.  But some owners do little about training their big bad dogs and dog bites are up.

   Anyway on to Zoey's lumps.  There are 7 lumps, 3 he is concerned about.  Most are doggy fatty tumors.  Unfortunately 3 of them could be something else.  So Zoey is going to be having surgery.  She has a new lump on her lip that he is very concerned about.  I asked him if he thought it was cancer and he carefully said he will see what the lab says.  The way he said it really worried me.  Also we have let Zoey get too fat over the winter.  So diet time for the dog and me.  I am glad we weren't there last month as she was even bigger then but we have been cutting down and walking more.

    I just don't know what I will do if this is bad news so I guess I will just try not to think about it.  We will probably have it done in 2 weeks so I will be off again as I don't think they can get her in next week.  Maybe, we shall see.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.

   They cancelled my Sunday auction I have been waiting for because of this rain.  I am so bummed.

  Betty is doing well today.  So instead of laundry and since it stopped raining for awhile we are going to get our flowers.  We also took a nice walk with Zoey and she got to play in the water puddles which she loves.  Makes her a smelly wet dog but who cares.


kirkbyj05 said...

Zoe has a coat like silk.  I bet she is just lovely to have a cuddle up with. I'm praying that the lumps are not serious Julie.  Our pets are just so special to us....aren't they? They sit there and listen to all our woes and pick up our spirits immediately with a happy wag of a tail or a lolloping lick..   MY dog and I had a run in with one of those Pit Bull terriers.  The Pit Bull was off the lead and mine was on the lead.  He had no chance. The Pit Bull got him round the throat and woldn't let go, even though the owner and I were trying to prize its jaws open. My dog's gums and tongue were purple and I thought he was going to die!  The other dog's owner squeezed its dangly bits in its nether regions and it let go.  Thank God!  Something to keep in mind my friend if you have another run in with one.
I'm so glad to hear that Betty is enjoying getting out and about. Make sure you look after you too!     Jeanie

rdautumnsage said...

Pickles loves the puddles and the creek as well. She jumps in and slides from here to there all over the slimy rocks lol! Sorry to hear about Zoey's lumps. Keeping her in my prayers on the smoke. (Hugs) Indigo

madcobug said...

Zoey is a beautiful dog. I pray for her if it is cancer that something can be done for her. Glad that Betty is doing well today and that she was able to go on a walk and that Zoey got to play in the water puddles. Helen

blazensun said...

Julie I hope the lumps in Zoey are not cancer. She is a beautiful dog.


inquestoftruth said...

That is one pretty dog.    I sure hope she's OK.   You have enough to deal with, and God knows that.     ((((((Julie)))))))))

radar446 said...

I hope that none of the lumps or bumps are anything to worry about.  Geez, you would think you could catch a break once in a while.


erarein63 said...

Hope  you get good news with Zoey.  Glad you are able to get out a little bit.  De ;)

cacklinrosie101 said...

Julie, I didn't know Zoey had lumps.  I will keep your furry one in my prayers.  They are like our children.  I fuss over Grizzly constantly.  He's also putting on some pounds and isn't getting around really well.  It's hard not to dwell.

Glad Betty was well enough that you got a much needed break.  Chris

lanurseprn said...

I hope it's nothing serious with Zoey.  I know you are anxious about it. They are like our kids in a way, huh?
Hope you have a good weekend. Enjoy the rain. I'd love it if we'd get some rain. We just don't. <sigh>

springangel235 said...

Think good thoughts on Zoey...I am praying for the news to be good. Such a beautiful doggie. My dogs have lumps galore...fatty tumors and they are small for now.  Hang in thoughts are with you.  Storms are hitting a lot of areas...we got a little rain yesterday...not storms.  Happy to read Betty is doing you enjoy your weekend, sorry I am behind, trying hard to catch up with so many...hugs and love,