Sunday, May 27, 2007


           I just got off work and had a pretty good weekend.  I am off now until Tuesday because of the holiday.  Zoey is ripping around like a nut with her tail tucked between her legs doing this happy nut and run crazy routine she does every once in awhile.  We are trying to stop her from popping a stitch,but she is grinning madly with this wild happy glee in her eyes.  She wants her breakfast and she is going to act like a nut until she gets fed.

           That is what is nice about being a dog or animal.  Zoey doesn't realize she has cancer.  None of the fears about the future and what it may hold are clouding her brain.  She is feeling better this week, her incisions aren't hurting her, she had a great long walk and a mad dash through tall wet grass to make her happy and Rick is making her a yummy breakfast.  Life is good.

           I have convinced myself they got all the cancer when they removed the tumors and she is cured.  She is too happy, too shiny, too loved to have anything seriously wrong.  I filter her water, I feed a great food, we have always taken care of her.  She was poisoned a few years ago and we almost lost her, but for the most part she is the picture of health.  I will keep thinking that.   Thursday we see the vet.  By then we should have the final report on her mouth cancer.  I want to write it all down so I can look it up.  I can't remember a thing he told me when he called.  I just went into shock I think.  Then I will look up clinical trials, and see if they have anything if he thinks it is bad.  But I think she will be fine.......please, please, please, let her be fine.

       Today I am sleeping until 1 or so and hopefully going on a bike ride.  Should be a good day for it.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and holiday.  Be safe.  We have already had our share of accidents.

    Keep an eye on the baby eagles.  They should be flying anytime.   They look so much bigger then they did when I first started watching.


springangel235 said...

You TRY to enjoy your time off...the wait is awful on the report for Zoey...but I am praying hard, it all comes back good news.  You think that way too!!!!  Have a beautiful holiday weekend...relax!
Hugs and love,

jckfrstross said...

enjoy your weekend:)


jlocorriere05 said...

I'm praying for Zoey that her results will be fine. She sounds like she's determined to act young still and enjoy life to the full! Have a good weekend and enjoy the bike ride. Jeannette xx  

daddyleer said...

Have a safe and 'best of possible' Memorial Day Weekend!

nightmaremom said...

sending good thoughts.... enjoy the ride and the weekend.

lanurseprn said...

Enjoy your bike ride Julie! You deserve to get out and enjoy yourself.
Love to you and your Zoey.

cacklinrosie101 said...

Praying for Zoey...if she survived poisoning, she is a feisty survivor.  Chris

radar446 said...

Maybe it will be the lack of negative thoughts clouding her brain that will keep her healthier.  I'm a firm believer that your thoughts have a lot to do with your health, or at least how illness affects you.


inquestoftruth said...

Zoey isn't worried, so don't you be either!