Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Zoey's surgery is tomorrow.

            My beautiful Grandchildren.  Wish I had them in my arms right now!
    Work was very busy last night.  Very ill patients so the night just flew.  One more to go and them some time off.  I will be grateful as my back is out right now and I really need to rest it.

    My BIL is coming over to eat tonight.  I am glad I will only be here a short time.  I am not sure why I let him get to me but he does.  I should just let the past be behind us and wait to see if he comes across for Betty.  He is in a bad spot right now and who am I to judge how he handles stress.  I am not handling stress as good as I used to.   I just don't feel like I can trust him.  Plus he has been in lots of therapy over the years for his drinking and drunks and just all his emotional problems.  Every time he is here he tried that phyco-babble on me.  Well why DO you think you reacted that way Sis.......  Uh, because I am a bitch and proud of it I want to reply, LOL.  Don't know why it bothers me but it does and as he would say, then it is YOUR problem, and he would be right, LOL.

    Zoey has surgery in the morning.  I have to find a way to mark all her lumps so they don't miss any.  He said red lipstick....not on MY carpet, excuse me.  So we will have to find something else to use.  I told my husband to get some whiteout.  I am so nervous and will be very happy when it is over.  I hope she isn't is too much pain.

  Well, my men just came home so I will close.  Take care all.
   OK, just got done giving Zoey a bath and getting the toxic white out off her.  What now.  I guess we try to shave her, that should be fun.  He wants all the lumps marked so they make sure and not miss any.


radar446 said...

I hope the surgery is uneventful for Zoey.  I'm not sure I would use whiteout since it is toxic.  Maybe some semi permanent marker that will wear/wash off later.


coelha said...

Lipstick?  They must have been kidding, right?  What cute grandchildren you have!  :)  Julie

quiltsnroses said...

What a great picture of your grandchildren.  I have a grandson and granddaughter too.  He is 9 and she is 15.  They seem to grow way faster than my daughter did--guess the saying, "the older you are, the faster time goes by" is true.

Don't blame yourself for not trusting your B-I-L.  That is something he has to earn first.    Hope your time off is as stress-free as it can be!

jckfrstross said...

very beautiful photo of your grandkids:) good luck to zoey


erarein63 said...

Beautiful, beautiful grandchildren.  I love the picture.  Good luck to Zoey!  De ;)

lanurseprn said...

What a nice picture of your grandchildren. It almost looks like one of the old fashioned kind.  I love it!
Good luck to Zoey!!  

rdautumnsage said...

Beautiful grandchildren indeed! I gotta tell you hon, your not the only one who feels like you do about your BIL. I don't even know him and get the same impression you do. As you mentioned his life isn't exactly altogether, so who is he to try to give advice? Keeping Zoey in my prayers on the smoke that everything went well today! (Hugs) Indigo

cacklinrosie101 said...

Your grandchildren are beautiful, Julie!  I love the sepia color to the picture.  Your BIL is just playing a silly game with all that babble. what you would like to say.  Praying for Zoe...Chris

jlocorriere05 said...

I agree with Indigo, who is your BIL to talk to you that way, he seems to have a whole lot of problems to deal with. I think what he's trying to use is that old 'reverse psychology', making out there's something wrong with you, don't let him get to you! I love the photo of your grandchildren and good luck to Zoey, hope she recovers soon. Jeannette xx