Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Lazy week is over

      Ebony my MIL's cat looking regal.  We are trying to get her and my dog to not kill each other since she will probably be coming here to live some day.  So far it is not going well.  Anyone want a really sweet fat cat?

    Back to work tonight.  It has been a good week off even if I didn't get much accomplished.  I did rest up and think I keep up with the dust.  Yesterday I planted all my tomatoes and finished my flowers.  They all look great and if they live I will have tomatoes coming out my ear.

   This morning I spend emailing and calling all our elected officials to give them my 2 cents on their illegal alien amnesty bill.  2 thumbs down here.

   A couple of years ago one of our nurses became a citizen.  We had a big party for here and made her a Cake shaped and decorated like a flag.  We had a t-shirt made saying Proud American Citizen and she got some flag pins.  She was and is proud to be a citizen of our country, and now her country.  Her children are legally here and doing well.  It took her many years and to see this bill really makes her angry.  As it does anyone who spent years doing it the legal way.  But she says.  By doing it legal I have the full support of my country.  I don't have to worry about using my legal name, sending my children to college, each knock on the door.  And doing it right was worth it.  She will earn retirement benefits and get all the benefits every American citizen gets.  I am proud of her.

  Thanks to my grandparents for coming from Germany on my Moms side and Sweden from my Fathers side I can have all the freedoms of this country because they did it legally.  I am accountable to all the laws.  I pledge to this flag and no other.  I am American first.

   So anyway enough of that.   My MIL and I had a nice talk yesterday.  She says my BIL isn't planning on staying.  We both admit to being worried about the way he looks.  I do feel bad for him.  I have an addiction to food which I have trouble controlling.  Drink is the same way.  Who knows at the time what your decisions will mean to you in the future.  I realize he is rightfully fearful of what his future will be like.  It is sad.  I have never been down and out.

  But, I come from strong women stock.  When my Mom fled my dad with just the clothes on our back she clawed tooth and nail to get a good job and better herself with night classes to make a living for us.  When I have a crisis I panic briefly and then  buckle down to fix it.  I have been sole support for the  last 13 years.  Everything I have I worked for and earned.  So I am not as sympathetic maybe as I should be.  Not everyone can fix their mistakes or live with them.  I should be a little more empathetic about my BIL because he truly is at the bottom.  Hopefully he can claw his way up at least enough to survive.

   Be happy all.
P.S.  I am swallowing my fear and calling the vet today to see if they got the biopsy results.  Keep your fingers crossed.


lanurseprn said...

I agree with you on the immigration bill they are talking about. I think they just don't know what to do about the issue now.  They let it go too long. <sigh>
Have a good night at work.

rdautumnsage said...

Someone sent me a picture in the mail of a US high school. They put up the Mexican flag first, then they put up the US Flag upside down. I can't help but think if we don't start changing things this is what the future holds for us. Keeping Zoey in my prayers on the smoke! Glad to hear your BIL isn't planning on staying around. I believe some people create their own kind of trouble. (Hugs) Indigo

jlocorriere05 said...

I'm glad your BIL isn't staying too long, I know how he gets to you. I hope Zoey's results came back good. I hope Ebony will be accepted by Zoey, she looks a sweet cat! Jeannette xx  

ladeeoftheworld said...

Ebony IS regal.  See the "M" on her forehead?  She's a direct descendent of the cat who was at Mary's side when Jesus was born.

The author Stephen King says cats are the outlaws of animal world.  They live and die just outside the letter of the law.  I prefer to think of them as holy.


jckfrstross said...

when the time comes the cat and dog will get along it will just take time:) glad you had a talk with MIL its sad that BIL is wasting his life away


cacklinrosie101 said...

LOL at the dog and cat.  Grizzly gets along with out cat because she is so timid.  She runs from him.  He and Becky's cat, Skitz, terrorized each other for the year she lived here.  I'm praying Zoe's results are good.  Chris

maryajacobs5 said...

The cat is so cute, looks just like my Harry who lived for 21 years before we had to have him put down because of cancer about a year ago.


maryajacobs5 said...

Forgot to add this to my message