Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Stubborn old Ladies

      I was sitting at my MIL's before work.  Watching her try out her oxygen.  One stubborn old lady watching another stubborn older lady.  She had just gotten a call from my BIL once again delaying his return but soon, soon mom I will be there to take care of you...... 

    Glancing at each other without saying a word, but saying plenty with the shake of a head, the lifting of an eyebrow.   Wonder how many delays will occur when it is time to get the money?


    P.S.  Sold the pretty vase everyone liked the most.  Didn't get to enjoy it long but made a nice profit on it.


madcobug said...

I wonder if he makes it in time to see her alive. Poor Mama. Glad that you made a profit on the vase. Helen

inquestoftruth said...

I almost feel sorry for your BIL, he's really, really going to regret this.
Love ya, Girl....hang in there.

lanurseprn said...

I feel bad for your MIL. That's gotta hurt her not having him come.  <sigh>
Glad you made some $ on the vase.

jckfrstross said...

i feel sorry for your MIL her son needs a swift kick in the arse. she won't be here forever. glad you made a profit on the vase:) i keep forgeting to tell you thanks for the link to the eagles:) i love to watch the babies


motoxmom72 said...

Men aren't geared like women are when it comes to mothers and terminal illnesses.  I watched it go on when my mom-mom was ill.  All the care of Mom went to daughters and grandaughters.  I'm glad YOU are there for her.  You are a blessing for her to have!

kirkbyj05 said...

Aye Julie, your BIL is really hurting your MIL and he can't see it. Perhaps he just doesn't want to accept how quickly she is dying?  I have always been called naive by friends as I want to make excuses for other's insensitivity or ignorance.  Because I couldn't be like that I believe other's to be like me.  I know it's not so but I wish it were different.  When you next conciously hold Betty's hand will you tell her it's from Jeanie in the Lakes and I am praying for whatever her hearts wish is.   God Bless her and give her a painfree passage home to him.   Jeanie

rdautumnsage said...

You know my feeling on your BIL.....I truly feel for your MIL. She is blessed to have a DIL like you looking out for her. Keeping her in my prayers on the smoke!
(Hugs) Indigo

cacklinrosie101 said...

Seems like you and your MIL have come to an understanding on one thing...the BIL...but what a shame he can't get there to spend some of the last times with his mother.  Chris